#11 Think Creative and You Will be Creative

The first reason studying in Holland is a creative way to teach and study. Be creative is the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (Nuffic) slogan. The word they promote is they want to be. James Allen says that this not only embraces the whole of your being, but also everything that ever happens to you in life. You are, literally, what you think, and your character is the complete sum of all your thoughts.

The slogan of Nuffic makes us release that Holland is a creative country. One of the ways to be creative is Inquisitive minds. These give the student an Innovation and creativity. They are essential in Dutch education.

We believe that our creative will be made by ours by thinking that we can be creative. It is related to the physiological issue. We do agree with someone or organization who releases that creative education can be made.

Education Creative will chance the characteristic of student. It should be the first vision of education to make the student be creative. It has in Holland education. Holland education will be asked to all of the students which are from Holland and over the sea.

Thinking is the one which can make us to be a creative person. We have to think more than others if we want to be creative person. By thinking, we will understand many things around the world. It also makes our mind better.

Our thinking depends on our reading. If we read many books, we will think more and effective. It is difference with person who thinks without reading anymore. The will be no scientific thinking. And it believe that Holland ask to the students to read more to be a creative person.

It can be shown by the rank of Holland education. Wageningen University and Utrecht University is the top 50 Life Sciences universities. Holland is also the ten counties which have many nobles. It also has the third in the World Reputation Rankings 2012.

– ditulis oleh Much. Harun


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