#43 Secrets Behind Dutch’s Education

Education becomes determinant factors and main foundation to measure the success and progress for the entire element in a country, including economy, science, and environments. In Fact, not all countries can apply and proof it. Where in one side it has high quality of education, but it does not contribute more in other aspect. In another hand, Netherlands applied and proof it in the world eyes that it can make balance for all aspect after provide high quality education. It can be seen from Netherlands outstanding movement that achieve 3rd place with the highest number of universities in the World Reputation Rankings 2012 (Nufficneso, 2012). What does actually the Dutch’s key success? In this essay I will describe two main factors behind Holland education system that lead Dutch becomes the right place for people that desire to have high quality education

Teaching and learning Method that Dutch’s applied in the educational institution becomes the role model for many countries in the world.  One of these methods is Student-centered teaching styles which give option to student to express their opinion about the knowledge that they learn. In practice, respect is the foundation of effective communication between teachers and students to demonstrate respectful communication and students play an important role in the classroom environment, as not only receivers but also speakers. This sense of learning will encourage student to be attractive instead of passive in order to be critical for what they hear and receipt from their lecturer. It means that two ways of communication exist between student and lecturer and vice verse. By hearing their friend opinion and involve in discussion will increase their understanding about the course because critical thinking appear on such thing and indirectly will lead to feedback from friends and lecturer. In this discussion student will enjoying their study because they freely to reveal their point of view and getting meaningful knowledge as a result students not only learn from their lecturer but also from their friend.

Teacher competence is another main factor who contributes to realize the high quality education in Netherlands. Provided teacher education is commitments from Dutch’s government take the crucial thing to assure quality of education through a national system of regulation. Without government’s commitment to maintain education quality, Dutch will not achieve higher education quality. This commitment realized by provided human resource of teacher with high qualification and competence.  A teacher requires having four competence roles which are interpersonal role due to good leadership and create a friendly and cooperative atmosphere and stimulates and achieves open communication. Pedagogical role reflect to competent teacher hold student for personal development. Organizational role put teacher to make well organized and make task –oriented for students. The last one is the role of an expert in subject matter and teaching methods that will led student for problem solving learning.

Teaching and learning method which used student centered activity and teacher competence are two main factors behind high education quality in Netherlands that well prepared by it’s government. Hopefully,those kind method can apply by other country,because education is first step to big changes in another side of life.


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– ditulis oleh Evta Oktaviani


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