#73 Understanding Holland through Elf Blue Shoes

What is Elf blue shoes? I had no idea about this weird thing before, until i met Eddy. A Dutch oldman who visit Indonesia every year and only travel around by his bike. We explore old building of Dutch occupation at the past in Surabaya, visited “Monument of Heroes” that brought us back to the past. “These were our History”, said Eddy to me.

Here is the famous elf blue shoes that Eddy gave to me before he left Surabaya, it is not the original one, smaller cause it is used as a souvenir mostly.

Ribbon with Holland flag colored

Look at the ribbon with Holland flag color, it remind us to a tragedy at Orange Hotel, a place where few indonesian climbed the hotel tower and tear out the blue color from the Holland flag. People were angry due to Dutch raise his flag with no permit, on the other hand Soekarno has declared an Indonesia as an independece nation and was not occupied anymore.

Windmill on the elf blue shoes

It described Holland geographic, a nation that located under sea level, place where sea level is higher than the ground you step on. Windmill that used for pumping the water and flowing it to the whole farm.

What exactly elf blue shoes used for?

The original elf blue shoes were made from wood, so it is better i called it “wooden elf blue shoes”. Usually used by traditional farmer to protect their feet, this wooden shoes will be warm in the winter, cold in the summer, and very comfortable to use.

Holland is a creative nation?

What is my understanding about “Creativity”?

It is a way how to survive and be adaptable with our own condition, and Dutch really comprehend and implemented those principal. It has been proved by “my elf blue shoes”.

  1. Occupied other country to look for natural resources that they never had on their own land.
  2. Finding a way to get under ground water by operating windmill and watering their farm, finally they produce their own crop.
  3. Adaptable Dutch, using wooden shoes in order to make their feet comfortable in any kind of weather.

– ditulis oleh Ganda Merisiyanto


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