#84 When Art Meet Science and Technology

When I was in university, most of my friends dreamed to learn in the Netherland’ university include me. For me, the Netherlands is look like a unique place to study. It is a perfect mixture between art, science and engineering. It shows that Dutch nation have a high creativity to mix science and engineering. Let’s find out, how is the perfect mixture between art, science and engineering in the Netherlands by seeing some of unique building and design building in the Netherlands.

First building is EYE Dutch Film Museum, Amsterdam which is open to the public on 5 April 2012. It is designed by the Vienna-based Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. Their design was governed by two motives: plural perspective and physiological effect. The white roof covering the building refers to cinematography and the facade reflects light in constantly changing conditions. I don’t know for sure why the building is named with EYE. Maybe because the basic shape of the building is similar to human’s eye. By seeing this building, we can see that the art will be more valuable if it was presented with the high technology.

The second is Hatert Tower Nijmegen. In the area Hatert, at the edge of the city of Nijmegen, it is such a great renewal operation. The architect designed a sturdy tower with free formed balconies around, which make a recognizable sculpture from all directions; the new ‘crown’ of Hatert. The parking for the apartments is organized underneath a raised deck that will function as a new public space for the citizens of Hatert. Underneath the housing program the ground floor will be used as a community health center.

The next building is an apartment named Ginkgo Beekbergen. Ginkgo project combines art, technology and architecture to integrate a housing complex in the nature of the existing park located in front. This building will become a new way to live in harmony with the environment.

The last is Floating House IJburg. Since the 50% of the land in the Netherlands is below the sea level, so it is good idea to build house in harmony with the sea level. Just like IJburg floating house, it will be such nice future house, not only for the Dutch Nation but also other nation who lives below the sea level.

Some of the buildings are still under construction or still in the ‘island of ideas’. By seeing the concept of the buildings above we’ll see that Dutch Nation always encourage to innovate, to create something new, and the important is to answer the challenge of the future. As well as its name, ‘THE’ Netherlands, will be a referral for any creativity and innovation success story.

Resources: http://www.e-architect.co.uk/dutch_architecture.php

– ditulis oleh Hanif Kusuma Wardhani


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