#116 Education in Holland is Our Future Brightly

Education in Holland always interests students from Indonesia. In this nation that is famous with its wind mill. Many people bring down to study in the Holand. Situation in Holland is very nice to support study. The Dutch speak both Dutch and English, so ease to communicate. Holland is located in the middle Europe. So, If students want to take a walk to the other countries in Europe will be cheaper and nearer. Based data in http://www.kompas.com, there are 1,250 Indonesian students that are studying in Holland. This amount has second rank after China. Most of that amount is students who take master program with percentage 70% and followed by bachelor program that is 21% and short course 7%. In Holland, isn’t difficult to find program with English. So, international students will get chance as wide as possible to study there. From condition like this, studying in Holland is an exclusive opportunity for knowing dutch people whoalways come up with new idea.

– ditulis oleh M. Azka


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