#118 Before I Know That

on Thursday, I was looking for news on the internet. I read on the site there is a competition blog kompas.com the prize trip to the Netherlands. I was interested to participate in the competition.
previously, there is not much I know about the Dutch, how the education system, how its people and culture there. I was so interested unduk review of the Dutch themselves.
I read an article about education in the Netherlands.Dutch became the pioneer of education in Indonesia.Nothing wrong if education is also one of the important sectors for the countries in the world. Look at one of the countries in continental Europe, the Netherlands. The Dutch government is very concerned on this one sector. Remember the lessons of history in school?
 In 1901, Queen Wilhelmina ethical policy issue, which is one of the people of Indonesia to allow it to education.Although at that time only certain people are allowed to attend school, at least in the Netherlands has played an important role to open the eyes of most of the people of Indonesia on the importance of education. Netherlands could be said to be the pioneer of education in Indonesia.
Even one Dutch heritage in education in Indonesia is the Hoge Technische School (ITB). Indonesia’s first president, Ir.soekarno civil engineering degree at the school, in addition to Indonesia’s first vice president, Moh.Hatta Handelshogeschool completed his studies in the Netherlands (Erasmus University) in Rotterdam. Did not figure importantly Indonesia movement is the result of the Dutch education?From the evidence there is in Indonesia, it is known that the Dutch are well aware of the importance of education. The result, The Netherlands ranks eighth as a country that has a good quality education. This is because a good education system, of course. Dutch education system focused into two Hogeschool more towards practice and education at the University (the university) are more towards the theory and research.
To access education, the Dutch government had planned it well, so that the Dutch rank 1 to access educational facilities and rank 3 for the affordability of education.Another system is implemented Netherlands International education classroom that attract students from other countries, because of using English as medium of instruction. Plus, the Netherlands provides a variety of scholarships both for its own citizens and other citizens of the world. Seen how serious the Dutch government to manage the most important sectors of life.

With the educational welfare of others can be achieved.Do not believe? Learn from the Netherlands that has a top 10 ranking in various fields ranging from economics (7th in International Banking) through information technology (9th Use of Information Technology). If welfare could be achieved, happiness automatically follows. No wonder the Dutch 1st crowned the happiest country.

I personally feel happy and dare to dream for a visit tothe Netherlands. after knowing what it is dutch.

– ditulis oleh Desi Ahyani


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