#139 The Golden Age Reborn


If you take a look to the history of Dutch, 17th century was the greatest years in the history of Netherland, or what is widely known as the golden age of Dutch. They call those years as a golden age was because at that time Dutch became the top ranking country for their trade, science and especially for their art.

More than six hundred painters were there in that era, and created variety genres of paintings like history, natural, landscape, portrait, and religious. Those great masterpieces of Dutch painters at that time are became the world leading masterpiece, trendsetter of paintings and famous even until today. Now, century has change to 21st, most people thought that the art and creativity of Dutch had been stopped at the end of 17’s, when the golden era had passed. But their perception was wrong, the creativity of Dutch was not gone, it’s still live in every single Dutch people and reborn in this century inform of creativity in art, technology, architecture, and education. For example in technology, they use their creativity and their knowledge to create an innovation like PAL-V, a vehicle which finely works on street and also in air. It meets the needs of society today, it can be used by business people and as an ambulance or police vehicle and for use in areas with minimal transport infrastructure.

Another invention which also meets the society needs is floating LED street lighting, these unique street lightings which are floating on Catharinaplein field in Eindhoven give a new look to the field, it’s irradiating every single corner, beneath and between the trees and it systems are adapted to the way people move and behave. So, people will not hard to find a pleasant social meeting-point. This innovation of creativity also larger the space for pedestrians and cyclists since the design is very efficient (it requires less lamp posts).

Their creativity did not stop only at the innovation of technology; architecture is also one of the subjects where this artistic Dutch express their creativity. You can see from buildings around the city, the museums which uniquely design or even venues like Amsterdam RAI that won the Best International Venue award at the 6th annual Exhibition News Awards in London this year. It’s being recognized as the Best International Venue after competed with some famous venue like Cape Town International Convention Centre, Suntec Singapore, Riocentro Rio de Janeiro, and last year’s winner, ADNEC Abu Dhabi.

Education is also the field where the creativity is planted on, with their creativity they found the best method to educate people and made the quality of education in Netherlands as one of the best education in the world. With all of those reasons above, Netherlands is a good choice to study and live.

“Because if you are gathering with intelligence people, you will also become an intelligence person”- Dion Idol.

By living there, hopefully their creativity will reborn in your blood. Cheers..!

– ditulis oleh Januardi Indra Jaya


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