#140 Containers for Living and Library for A Snowball Fight

Creativity has long been a part of Dutch history, Van Gogh was one of the many, and today, there are not only master painters but also master in trance music, master in architects and others. In terms of business, The Dutch use it into learning opportunities to improve, even though there are crisis. The crisis in the 1980s is a perfect example, it created a new wave called the generation of Superdutch architects that influenced today’s architecture (BEAU n.d.).

Architecture is a big industry in Netherland and creativity is the key in creating great buildings. One of the examples is The Delft University of Technology library, which designed by Francine Rouben, along with her team at Mecanoo, one of the most renowned architect offices in Netherland. The project was completed in 1997 and the design considered to be forward thinking, way ahead of its time and sustainable (Michler 2011).

Delft University library, Source:(http://inhabitat.com/mecanoos-tu-delft-library-crowned-with-a-massive-green-roof/tu-delft-library-90/?extend=1).

Delft University library, Source: Source: (http://www.library.tudelft.nl/en/visitor-info/the-building/)

The concept is simple, a building of glass and grass but artistically built with versatile function; education at one side and playground at the other side, for instance; you can have a picnic in spring, slide in the snow or play snowball fight in winter. Moreover it is also serves as a green roof for the public and university as well. The greatest achievement is in the functionality, not only it serves as place to gain information, but people can also explore, relax and play.

The Dutch links creativity with business, because it has a positive correlation with the term entrepreneurship. One example is shown in Keetwonen, housing for students in Amsterdam. Who can consider living in a shipping container as an option? However the courageous step in realizing concept into reality by Tempohousing makes Keetwonen one of the most popular student dormitories in Amsterdam (Keetwonen n.d.).

Keetwonen housing, Source: (http://www.tempohousing.com/projects/keetwonen.html).

The dorms are completed with basic infrastructures such as water, kitchen, Wi-Fi and other basic living needs. In addition, it is possible to move the unit or container and or make it your own house into certain location that suits, when there is a demand or relocation. This concept is effective because it may reduce the hassle of building a house and most importantly, it is a breakthrough in architecture.

Keetwonen housing, Source: (http://www.tempohousing.com/projects/keetwonen.html).

A key aspect in Dutch architecture is innovation, influenced by lack of space, the regard of sustainability, the influence of users and the problems associated with water, and social engagement. All of the threats identified resulted in opportunities; in effect this unique approach has made the Dutch architecture industry as one of the most innovative in the world (Hollandtrade 2012). Mecanoo and Tempohousing is a few examples that uses all of the approach to make beautiful design that captured the essence of art, aesthetics, and function along with the social approach as well, which is perfect to describe Dutch creativity.

– ditulis oleh M. Adi Nugraha


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