#169 The Place that I Will be There

Father   : “Where do you want to go for graduate program?”
Me         : (Confidently) “I wanna get scholarship in Netherland”
Father   : “Why Netherland? You have to learn Dutch again, why you don’t choose US that using English?”
Me         : “Because the place that was good in accounting is Europe. And why Netherland? Because I’ve searched that in Europe, the best university in acoounting that was Netherland. I’ll get scholarship dad, to continue my study there”
 These conversation is really happen between my dad and I. Since, I want go to Netherland to continue my study, I’ve searched many things about Netherland. The thing that make me sure to continue my study there is Netherland offer so many scholarship. Even if, university in Netherland was in the third rank with the highest number university in the World Reputation Ranking 2012. It is so interesting, isn’t it? They have great university but they offer so many scholarship for every people to have chance study there. Then, i found why they do like that, because they believe there are so many great student in the world, but can’t study there because classic reason,  money. So, they thought that how we can get great student in the world, that is by offering the scholarship. And, we can see now, the university there can gain so many great student that can make their university greater and greater.
Okay, for education no doubt for Netherland. But, as the Asian, specifically Indonesia, I thought about my life when I’ll be there. Because, we have different culture, habitual, and religion. Firstly, I was thought that ‘Can I live there? Can I survive by my self?’. But, I am the one who don’t want to give up for my dream. Then, I’ll try for finding how living condition there. And I’ll find that Amsterdam in the 12th rank with the highest quality of life in 2011, based on study conducted by Mercer. So, Amsterdam good in political and social environment, economy, socio-cultural environment, Health and sanitation, schools and education, public services and transport, recreation, consumer goods, housing, and the natural environment. How good they manage the country until they can get these achievement. Well, when we see their country in map, they are only small country, but Dutch people can make something that seems imposible to be possible for their country, this is that makes me so interested with creativity of them.
Well, for those things, I’ll want to be part of them, I want to get chance to enjoy my life among great and innovative people there, and I believe Netherland is the place that I will be there.
– ditulis oleh Putri Nurmala

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