#170 Tips for Students: Not Stressing the Future, Holland’s Full of Fun!

Working at the IELTS test centre and preparation course in Indonesia, I can’t help but noticing that there are so many people who come and go by my office registering themselves for IELTS and preparing for studying abroad. Europe being the most wanted to visit from student’s choice and Holland is being one of student’s top favorites.

Looking at that many people who are really paying attention to their study, we can’t help to oversee what will happen in the near future. Everyone will have good college degree, competition in the work field will be fierce. Students will need to prepare themselves in the unimaginable work competition that will come in the upcoming years.

I crave good education. With that, we will have a path that leads towards goodness though sometimes luck also plays part in having a good job. Actually Holland had always been my top choice after I graduated university. Due to money matters I had seek a scholarship. However, having already accepted in 2 universities in Holland, I had to say goodbye to the opportunity because I didn’t get the scholarship.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop me in dreaming of someday continuing my study and coming to Holland. Why Holland? because I know by browsing and by hearing from many of friends’ experiences that Holland is simply the best place for experience.

Though we know that competition in the future will be fierce, but it doesn’t necessary need to put a stress on us. I see that there are people only focused on their study that they got stressed out and quite missing out on other things in life. We can become a student but not a student robot.

In Holland, campus will not be the only place we’re going to be focused on, but also other fun things like going to the Ahoy North Sea Dance Festival, known as biggest jazz festival in the world.

Relaxing in the park also gives a breezy feeling of peacefulness. So, after a hard day of studying we can enjoy and relax in the park and plays the music.

If you love dancing, you may also join the flashmob like the one the Waka Waka Flashmob, the biggest in Netherlands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFtzqqgE3kA where students gathered for fundraising for Kenya. See young youths of Hollanders are not only creative, but also generous with great ideas to raise fund for the goodness of others.

Or if music is your thing, you can also join or create the music flash mob you can be proud of like the one happened in Copenhagen central station: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrEk06XXaAw. In the end, you can creatively develop your passion in Netherlands. Hollanders are very uniquely creative, I know by studying there I will get influenced with the spirit of Hollanders. Being active both in study and other creative activities will result in a positive attitude for us in facing the future. So, are we ready to creatively smart in facing the world?

 – ditulis oleh Rifany Arlianti

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4 responses to “#170 Tips for Students: Not Stressing the Future, Holland’s Full of Fun!

  1. Vivendha Dhani

    top markotop … hehe…

  2. Edwien Satya

    bener banget kalo di masa depan kompetisi kerja semakin susah dan good education is needed

  3. Anny Kustantiny

    Semangat pantang mundur.. education is d best! Holland is great … yay!

  4. annisa bella

    Wow really inspiring story .. 🙂 love it ! makes me want to prepare myself

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