#176 10 Innovative Dutch Cycling Bikes or Infrastructures: From Monsterbike to Light Lane

One of dominant views on the Netherlands’ street is the large number of bicycles pass through the traffic because almost half of daily travel in this country is by bicycle and also the number of bike in this country is outnumbered its 16 million people. This popular, healthy and environmental friendly transportation provides big opportunity to entrepreneur as well as designer to develop bicycling business in this country; therefore various innovations and creativities are developed among them to compete in bicycles market. This competition makes various types of bicycles as well as cycling equipment available at cycles store across the country. Apart of cycling business, Dutch people also like to modify their bicycles for fun or trying to make innovation for adding new function to their bike. Here are some Dutch innovations and creativities in creating or modifying their bike and cycling facilities and infrastructure.


This picture is taken from video in youtube with more than 4 million viewers titled “Monsterbike”. Dutchman created this monsterfiets (or monsterbike in english) so that it has three wheels, with super huge front wheel but two smalls back wheels. In addition to that, this monsterbike is equipped by loud claxon on the handlebar makes the name “monster” is relevant to this bike. (video for this bike : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGGlODF7_RY )

 2.Bicycle That Plays Vinyl Records

This innovative bicycle created by Dutch designer liat azulay. It generates music while you pedal dubbed“Feats Per Minute”. the bike has made its debut at the Dezeen Space Platform exhibition in London. (video for this bike if you want to listen the feats per minute : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCxyIKYJ-xo )

3.Bicycle School Bus

Bicycle school bus (BCO in Dutch) was built by Tolkamp Metaalspecials. With this bicycle, Dutch children can bike their own way to school. This bicycle is powered entirely by children and the one adult driver. It has eight sets of pedals for the kids, a driver seat for the adult, and three bench seats for freeloaders. It has sound system and canvas awning to ward off rainy days.

 4. Vrachtfiets 

 Netherlands start-up Vrachtfiets (Dutch for “Cargo Bicycle”) provides a pedal-based to move big cargo in the city. Apart of the price that is obviously cheaper than van or truck, this bicycle also gather solar power to assist the driver so that people can easily move their large cargo to another place.

5. Wood Dutch Bike  

This bike is manufactured by Dutchman Jan Gunneweg. 95% of this bike is wooden including wheels, handlebars, and pedals. The report said that 200 hours was spent by Gunneweg to carve and design one-piece of this bike.

6. Carbon Bike

This bike is made by carbon because it is high-tech materials that creates a better strength-weight ratio and easy to make any form. In addition to that, engineer can easily strengthen some part that are acted by greater force by varying the density of carbon across the bicycle beam so that people could make more innovate bike with this high-tech material.

7. Ice Bat

This kind of bicycle-like machine is called Ice Bat. It has pedals, but has no wheels, travel on roads or have any practical function. However when you pedal it the propeller in the back will rotate and produce force to speed up your ice bat. This ice bat is invented in the Netherlands and requires a speed skating track, most of which are also located in the Netherlands.

 8. Pedal Powered Snow Plow

This is an innovative and environmental friendly shortcut to clear snows on the street because it does not produce pollution and does not use any oil or gaseous fuel. Moreover, this pedal powered snow plow makes the users healthy because they will produce body heats in the end of the winter when they clear any snowy path by pedaling their snow plow.

9.Bike Trash Can

With this facility, cyclists who want to dispose any trash can just throw it away to this garbage without stopping or parking their bike first. Therefore, this is brilliant innovation created to comfort cyclists on the street.

10. Light Lane

In the night, Cycling path will not be seen by the cyclists, but in Netherlands there are lanes of bicycle path that emit light during the night. This infrastructure can make sure the safety of cyclists during the night time.

Actually there are many more innovations from the Dutch about cycling bikes or infrastructure, but these 10 are the most eye-catching innovations in my point of view. Hope you like it.

– ditulis oleh Thoriq Salafi


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