#237 Dutch People, Creativity and Flying Cars

Erasmus (1466-1536), a Dutch scholar once wrote, “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” With this spirit in mind, it is unsurprising that the Netherlands has produced great achievements in educational field. They have produced twenty Nobel laureates so far. The 2012 Times Higher Education report places five of Dutch research universities among the top 100 most highly regarded universities in the world. If you think that studying at those prestigious Dutch universities is going to cost a lot, well think again. According the 2005 Global Higher Education Ranking, the Netherlands is the third most affordable place to study in Europe. You might think that those numbers are not too impressive but please consider that the size of Netherlands is only 41,543 square kilometres–slightly  larger than Central Java (40,800 square kilometres)–with population just a little under 17 million (2012). It is suffice to say that size doesn’t matter!
While their burning passion for knowledge is obvious, the Dutch people are also creative. Being smart is one thing but being creative is completely different thing. When one is smart, creativity is the only channel for them to share their knowledge with others. Being smart is limited to you but being creative has no limit because it invites collaboration and cooperation. Creativity compels them to innovate and constantly ask themselves and others questions to come up with new ideas. Isn’t it the essence of the advancement in human history? The entire civilization of mankind moves forward because of continuous innovation from various groups of people, not just from one. Shortly, being smart enriches your life but being creative elevates the life of other and the Dutch people make a very good example of this.
To prove their creativity, a group of Dutch scientists are on the brink of realizing a flying car. Yes, a car that flies. What a ride! Considering the traffic in Jakarta, the vehicle would be a brilliant solution for city transportation. Please note that the idea of a flying car was developed by a group of designers and creators led by Robert Barnhoorn, MSc and Maarten Wilming, MSc. It is a teamwork that certainly involves loads of creativity. This invention would not come through if those scientists were smart alone. Luckily, they are creative as well. Now, ask yourself this question. What would you like to be, smart or creative? If you choose the latter, just keep in mind that being creative is a habit, not brain power. It is something that you developed overtime, not something you take for granted.
So, what are you waiting for? Be creative!
– ditulis oleh Yoki Wijaya

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