#249 Goddess of Fortune Has Her House in Dutch

What would make a country develop so fast? Some said it will be how the people live their life. But when we talk about people, we will need to discuss about the government too. As how they manage the country, so they can guide the people to the kind of country the government dreamt of. And this, will lead to the widely known “mutual symbiosis”, as the government supported its citizen to grow, and by growing, the citizens helps the country to develop. When the two aspects meet, comes the idea of “satisfied citizens”, which means that the citizens are happy and proud to live in that country, and the happier they are, the more contribution they shall give to the country for its growing.

At some point of their happiness, a side effect does occur, and that is creativity and innovation. Somehow, when we look at a whole country (not in individual levels), that theory does take effect.
Holland is one of these country, rated as the fourth happiest country, where the people are happy and proud to be its citizen.  Also being awarded as the 2nd best nation for economic investment, and the best work-life balance country in the world, in which means the citizen works the least time among the other country. Looking at the fact that Holland is one of the happiest country and one of the best nations for economic investment even with the least average working hours; of course we can’t underestimate Holland.
Holland can reach this state because of the government, as they give freedom in politics, great social networking, and an absence of corruption. All these things combined with the government’s will to support its citizen leads the Dutch to be a happy citizen. Great economic sector and business also leads the people to be more creative. Therefore, we can say that Holland is a creative nation. Dutch people enjoy innovating and constantly ask themselves and others questions to come up with new ideas. And again, the innovation will lead Holland to grow better, and the better Holland grows, the better the innovation value will be.
Creativity and innovation works like addictive drugs. Once they consumed it, they will get addicted and wants more. And that’s how the situation in Holland is. The citizens keep inventing, and probably will never stop but will move faster, and even they live through inventions. And here, in Holland, you can see that innovation does not only work on what the trend is, but it develops in every sector even if not many people knew it, starting from art, culinary, technology, education, business, etc.
Simply, Holland is a country of creativity. One won’t feel disappointment living there, and probably will be interested to help innovate things they like once they live in Holland. And fortune might follow.
– ditulis oleh Sintyadi

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