#255 Being Creative and Enjoy It, Because Holland is Yours

The world is toward to a big world where the globalizations as the symbol. Sometimes we bored, tired and busy with manythings activity, actually personal or individual activity. As the student, we also bored with many lectures, book , assignment, test, and many else. So, what can we do to make our life is being smart, more spirit, and full of challanges. I think, the best way to make our life being good is with dream. Many people said that dream is bullshit, but for me, dream is make us most hard to reach it.
Dare to dream is challanges for me, sometimes the volume of this dream is big, but sometimes discrease. One of my big dream is study abroad to Holland, sometimes i feel good, but sometime i think that was impossible for me to reach. Beside this, i have a friend, bestfriend, he have a same dream with me, continuing study to holland. When one of us think that is possible, we encourage each other.
Creative is regarding to innovation, how the people make an innovation on their life so that make their life more colourful. We could imitating of holland people, where the creativity is like a mushroom in the rain. Netherlands is a country where we must strive to advance our quality so that we can compete in the international sphere. I aspire to continue my studies to the Dutch because I want to deepen my knowledge that there is a country where the imperialis country.
Dutch people are creative people. Not only the native, but everyone in dutch is being creative people. We can prove it when we see one of the things they do to change their country. They cover the sea into habitable land. From this one, this small country has become a beautiful country when the tulips was blooming, being a cool country when the snow is pouring, and being smart where so many student from various countries continues their study there.
Being creative is not difficult, we just need to open our insights about various things, multiply the reading, following the scientific discussion, find more knowledge through the internet, and others.
Do not stop just because one little problem, to achieve a successful things, there are challenges to be faced, when we give up that means we lose. Change challenge into a chance is one form of creativity, how not, most people give up when he got  the challenge of what they did, but when we face these challenges, we can turn it into a chance. So do not worried to dream. We are student, we are the future leader for our self and certainly for our environment. In addition, prepare your future as well as we can.
When we think that we can, that is implies to our brains will provide suggestions within us to achieve that dream. When the desire , do not let your dreams become garbage and discarded before you try to grab it. Many a venues that can be taken, when the one way is fails, lets try another way.
So my friends, do not worried to dream, lets dream and hardwork to reach it. Beside that, please pray for me to reach my dream to continuing my study in Holland.
– ditulis oleh Hamid

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