#259 Change the Mindset and Develop “Crazy” Idea

That The Netherlands able to subdue the threat of flood even though a third of its territory is lower than sea level is certainly NOT A NEW STORY. Currently, this country not only able to mitigate that threat, but also able to show us how to live with the water by using the existing technology in completely new ways.
He is Koen Olthuis, a Dutch architecture who also known as the “Floating Dutchman”, the founder of Waterstudio and Dutch Dockland , an architectural firm and a global leader in floating developments, concepts and infrastructure, who comes with creative and “crazy” idea to change the mindset fighting against the water into living with the water. Koen through Waterstudio and Dutch Docklands has successfully developed a number of outstanding floating infrastructure projects not only in Netherlands.
Below are some of the projects that claimed as “protected against water and flood” or even tsunami–proof:
1. Sea Tree
Sea Tree is a floating structure that holds in many layers green habitats for only animals and can’t be disturbed by human population. The concept is similar to park zones in urban areas, but put vertically on top of each other.  This floating tower will be the first floating object 100% built and designed for flora and fauna. Sea Tree will be realized in January 2014 in Mumbai or New York.
2. Citadel Project, Holland
Citadel is planned to be the first floating apartment complex. This complex can be reached by floating road and has car storage facility underneath the building.  The Citadel comprising 600 floating houses and 600 houses on stilts or artificial hills, which will be protected against water. This project will be realized in December 2014.
3. Floating Golfcourse, Maldives
This 18-hole golf course will include luxurious accommodations and consist of a series of floating platforms. The platforms will be connected to one another and surrounding hotels by clear underwater tunnels.  The underwater tunnel will lead to the clubhouse, where a glass elevator drops down to a main bar that doubles as a spectacular natural aquarium.  This course will be the first and only floating golf course in the world.
4. Five Star Floating Krystall Hotel, Norway
The design is based on an ice crystal which blends-in naturally with the “winter environment”. As mentioned in Dutch Docklands website, the hotel with a diameter of 120 meter will have 86 rooms, conference rooms, spa & wellness facilities and is completely self supporting and self-sustainable.
Well, they are just some examples. We must be familiar with Amillarah Floating Island and Greenstar Floating Hotel in Maldives, or Floating and Rotating Hoteltower in Dubai, the other examples of Waterstudio and Dutch Docklands’ masterpiece.

How about our country? I think as a maritime country and close to the danger of tsunami, it’s good for us to start not only fighting against the water but also live with it. It’s not an impossible thing, right? Let’s be optimistic! 🙂
– ditulis oleh Ima Lolaita

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