#274 Educated Soft Power from Holland : Viool Leren Spelen

In the world now a days, development of the music shows their existence through the deployment of soft power. Soft power is the ability to get what you want by attracting and persuading others to adopt your goals[1].  What an odd thing it is to see an entire species—billions of people—playing with listening to meaningless tonal patterns, occupied and preoccupied for much of their time by what they call ‘music.’ Music is profoundly important to those with motor disorders, though the music must be of the ‘right’ kind—suggestive, but not peremptory—or things may go wrong[2].

Development of classical music is very scattered in the Renaissance and Baroque. In Renaissance and Baroque music education was though to be as essential to creating civilized young people as mathematics[3].  Music is a human book that gives satisfaction to the audience. Music is no longer a thing difficult to obtain because it has many facilities that provide learning about music. In Papua alone, the development of music, especially violin developed by missionaries who came from Holland. Learning the violin is free for anyone interested to learn how to play the violin. One of the famous violin teacher in Jayapura is Pieter Vieser. He was very friendly with the local communities in Papua and to provide education through religious lessons and violin. Learning the violin is improving motor and sensory children to be more creative and thorough. Development of the violin was increased in Papua with the opening of a music school in which there is a course to play the violin.

Classical music, especially violin helps improve concentration and accuracy we are. Playing the violin requires concentration to be able to synchronize the bowing technique, note accuracy, and reading scores. In the meantime, read violin sheet music can improve the accuracy because there are a variety of tones with different beats. No wonder Dutch kids in brain development goes fast because it has been practicing classical music since childhood.  Soft power is increasingly spread in the current era of globalization. Netherlands as a country that plays a role in the soft power of classical music particularly positive contribution to Indonesia. Violin increasingly in demand in Indonesia, we can see for themselves that a growing number of parents who put their children on the course Biola. In Papua, violin currently in great demand by children and I hope they can learn as children in the Netherlands.

– ditulis oleh Floranesia Lantang


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