#311 Netherlands: The Most Forward-thinking Country on Earth

What’s coming up in your mind if I say Netherlands? Presumably it would be vary from tulips, cheese, windmill, dam, bicycle, wood sandals, up to Robin van Persie. Yes, that’s certainly true. But I will add 2 more things that you have to know about Netherlands, or commonly referred to as Holland and its people are called The Dutch: creative policy and creative people.

Why creative policy?

Creative policy is not only come from, but is also created by creative mind.

To the most of Indonesian people, policy is perceived as restriction or prohibition of doing something. It is because most of the policies in our country are all centered in banning, instead of in regulating. But in Netherlands its rather different. The government establish policy to accommodate needs of people without ignoring environment’s sustainability and mankind aspiration.

One of the most famous policies in Netherlands is putting the high price on paper and plastic bag in stores and supermarkets. In order to decrease the use of plastic which contributes to global warming, this policy runs successfully. Not only turn to be more efficient in using plastic bag, The Dutch also become more creative in inventing new innovation of earth-friendly shopping bag. This kind of policy also inspires some countries to do the same thing, particularly developing countries in Asia.

Why creative people?

It’s very interesting to know why The Dutch, the taller nation in the world, could become a very creative nation. We can see it clearly if we come into Netherlands higher education field. As the most favorite destination for millions of students around the world, Netherlands offers numerous qualified universities that are worldwide recognized. The education system is really support the students to come up with challenges, innovation, new idea and being pioneer in their field. It’s creative atmosphere has infected and has been transmitted all around the world.

The recent innovation which comes from Netherlands is the new technology in treating waste-water that is lead by a Dutch scientist, Professor Mark van Loosdrecht. This technology, which contributes in creating sustainable solution in the field of waste-water treatment, has been adapted in several countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Poland, and United Kingdom. Prof van Loosdrecht itself has received award from Lee Kwan Yew Water Prize 2012, the highest award event which is held to honor outstanding contribution in solving global water problems. Read more here.

Thus, if you really want to know another reason why Netherlands is called as the most advance country on earth, these 3 parts of drama will tell you more:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

If you enjoy the first, feel free to read on. Many jokes, don’t take it too seriously 😉

– ditulis oleh Siti Masyitah


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