#317 Dutch and The Power of Urine

Who says that urine is unimportant? People produce it everyday and then throw it all away in their closet with no full of regret in their face. But, who knows that in some ways, urine can be useful for the Dutch industry. The pregnant mothers accommodate their urine to give into “Mom to Mom” Organization. By the hand of the Dutch pharmacists, urine with good quality and high amount of hormone is produced to be a medicine for women who face some difficulties to get an infant. Pharmaceutical industry receives around 30.000 liters of urine every week and those bottles of urine are put into the factory machine to be examined automatically. Then, that urine is poured into the big kettle to refrigerate and through the sophisticated way, hormone is put out. At the next step, that hormone is processed in the factory as one of the most important material for Pregnyl, fertility medicine for women. These activities have been running for 80 years and this urine product has been one of the Dutch’s leading export commodities in the world.

In contemporary way, scientist from this Orange Country also be able to develop urine as an alternative fuel to substitute crude oil. Delft University of Technology cooperating with DHV institute of research has been discovering a new technology for urine processing. That urine fuel can supply 110.000 Megawatt electricity in 30.000 houses. When the urine production is improved, researchers predict that the power supply can be pushed into five times toward the similar number of houses. To process this urine as an alternative energy, they invent a tool named Nomix. The function of this tool is to separate the substances contained in urine. Urine contained ammonia compound and if it is heated, it will convert into ammonia gases. Then, those gases are put into fuel cell likes generator, to be used in producing electricity. If the supply of urine is always available, electric energy can be produced continuously every time. This is the advantage of this technology comparing with the other energy, such as wind and sun which depends on nature condition. Different from fossil fuel which is in limited amount nowadays, urine is renewable resources. And this technology is more excellent than bio-fuel because in the future, the trade off between fuel needs and food needs while using bio-fuel energy will be exist.

This “out of the box” technology reflects that Dutch has a different perspective in valuing something with their own way which means that they are creative. Unlike the other people, they can see that urine as a resource rather than a waste. With their serious attention of their smart idea, they can increase the value of urine as disgusting thing to be something with high power.

– ditulis oleh Romi Bhakti H.


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