#318 Give A Positive Impact

Talk about Dutch people, based on the article I read on www. expatica.com, they are very concern about egalitarianism, proved by horizontal structure of most Dutch company where both the manager and the employees are all considered as co-workers. A decision is not lying on the hand of the leader however whole the organization’s member have to speak their opinion, the leader acts as facilitator and initiator in the critical discussion, so sometimes people said that Dutch people are rigid if they want to make a change because most of the decision made on the ground of consensus. In Holand, it is also common if we see a manager make his/her own coffee and copy the documents they need by themselves.

Wow, it is my first impression when I read it. If I compare with working and social environment surround me, it is quite different. The manager/ the leader is often seen as a “God” who knows everything and whatever come out from him/her thought is the best decision to everyone, so generally some people are being ignorant in office meeting because they know that whatever we said won’t be hear. The good point of Dutch meeting is not only lying of the egalitarianism that allowed people to make contribution regardless their position in the company, but how everyone (the meeting team) get themselves prepared for the material of the meeting, so they could share their thought and then the win-win solution could be reached because each other has been heard opinion from different people’s perspectives who will directly involved in the decision implementation. So when the decision has been taken, everyone feel the sense of belonging to do it because their own aspiration is representated in it. Several management team in Indonesia’s companies also consider the way Dutch applied in it’s company has a positive impact, therefore they provide the voice box to hear the employee’s aspiration, but at the reality, the employee still feel uncomfortable if they spoke their aspiration aloud because they afraid it could be give an impact on their appraisal. Afraid of being different has to dismiss for the good one, just remember that the majority voices is not always the right voices.

So I think one important thing we could take from egalitarianism which adopted by Dutch people is the thought that everyone have the same right to be respected and listened whoever they are. The simplest thing we can do is by giving our spouse,child,co-workers, subordinate, in the other words everyone we know well, fair compliment whenever they had done something good/achieved their own target, say thank you when someone has help you, no matter big/small their help. Critize our peers,subordinates, close friends, moreover our boss for their bad behaviour/act, instead of the person himself, of course with the proper way because believe it they need it from us. Have you done it well as the Dutch people had done before?:)

– ditulis oleh Cindy Fransiska Teja


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2 responses to “#318 Give A Positive Impact

  1. edt

    Good article! It could be sharp with talking about brave and great heart. Braveness is needed to talk about right or wrong in wisdom & empathy. Many persons could be critize, but no many persons have humiliaty braveness to talk about it. Great heart is needed to understand with comprehensive conditions before make the critize words.
    Above all my opinion, i must make a bravo for your opinion in this article. Go on with your critizely writings! God bless

  2. Agree with what you wrote.. 🙂 must respect..:) so, let’s start day by day deleting our careless.. :D..

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