#324 Hollanges (Holland-Oranges)

Holland is one of the most beautiful country in the world. They’re also creative and innovative. They bring another history to this world especially Indonesia. See how Holland left their awareness of art in Indonesia. Build the magnificence of creativitiy.

Work hard. They teach us to work hard to catch our dream. It sounds they’re screaming in front of our face “Catch your dream! Deny your weakness! Come on! Wake up!”

They don’t leave their tradition to live as family. Even in this neoretic world, they live as simple as they could.

What they have been through, I believe that’s all worthy. They are revered. Their beuty, their nature, their high education. No one didn’t admit that.

Holland is one of my dream. One day, I will learn from them right in Holland and bring their teaching to Indonesia.


I don’t know exactly how tulip took my heart. They are so different than tropic flowers. Standing with their own root and with their difference. Looks so catchy with the colors.

I realize Indonesia and Holland are not different. Built by differeces but show that is not a gap for disunity.

Look how they teach us.

Gereja Blenduk

Bank Indonesia

Enjoy and Take care our earth.

No darkness can turn you down.

Showing that you are different. They believe that’s OK. Live your life free. Choose what you want, being experts. And finally the world can’t deny you are ‘luxurious’.

Holland is ‘out of the box’ nation. Don’t you realize Indonesia is also like that.


– ditulis oleh Steffany Noya


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  1. w0w . . amazing .haha

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