#338 Educated Country

good education determined who we are

who we are determined our country life’s 


holland are well known as inovative country. We know that 5 university in holland are in world top rank list. Those are Delft university of Technology, university of amsterdam, utrecht university, leiden university, and wageningen university and research center. Why are they  into the top rank? its non other that they had good performance. they never stop to inovate and improve their programmes for reaching the best quality.

If we study in holand, we can get a condusive environment for studyingt. we can see a complete and modern facilities, a multicultural student, and research based curriculum. Their education is not based on the theory but also based on research. Beside that, Holland become the first country that have bilingual class. So that, most of people around the world want to study there.

Holland’s education system is improved very well because their Education ministry has a tangible and measurable mission. Their mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, skilled and cultured country. To realized that, ministry of education has 4 objectives namely:

  • To ensure that everyone gets a good education
  • To ensure that everyone is prepared for personal independence and responsibility
  • To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience and enjoy culture
  • To ensure that teachers, artists and scientists are able to carry out their work

From those objectives, we can see that the Holland goverment is really serious on making the smart, skilled and creative environment. It is not suprising if we see that education fields in Holland grow very well and included on top 100 universities.

Let’s see how they study there…Holland education are student centered type which mean that student are given more time to explore and solve the problem. The teachers are role as a facilitators who have less time to teach. Since elementary, the student also have a self evaluation programme to see the individual progress. In my opinion, this kind of learning process can create a creative and high curiousity type of students. So. do not be suprised if we see a lot of inovation from this country.

When we see our country, we could proud how Indonesian students become a winner for math and science competition, in an international level. But unfortunatelly, Indonesia goverment can not give the maximum support for our potential citizen,especially for young generation.

We have read that Dutch cost of school are free . In the college we also can have free education, even they give a big fund for the students who want to have a researh. If only Indonesia goverment can study from Holland, give a subtantial fund for education, to renew the facilities, the teaching quality, etc, I believe that we can reach the same education environment as Dutch people did. However, good education creates open opportunity to every people to become good generation.

– ditulis oleh Shanti Yanuarini


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