#384 The Netherlands Entrepreneurship

“The Netherlands is the most entrepreneurial country of the European Union”. – Dutch Daily News[1].

What is entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is an approach to management that starts with an opportunity, according to Stevenson (2001)[2].

“What are the good things about being an entrepreneur? Don’t you think it is too risky being one? Do not take risk,” they said.

Being an entrepreneur means you are on your own body. You are free, you don’t have to do things that others (or your bosses) want you to do. You don’t have to work from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. You have control over your destiny. But the most important one is you can provide people with jobs that surely will help to decrease the unemployment rate in your own country.

In the Netherlands, the proportion of entrepreneurs is higher than 12 percent[3], and still counting because more Dutch citizens are starting their own company. The fact that entrepreneurship in this country has grown faster in the past few years forces every entrepreneur to be more creative in order to survive in the ‘competition’.

I guess mostly Indonesia citizens know Unilever and Philips because the products can be found almost everywhere. Some Indonesia citizens also use the product daily. Unilever and Philips have their roots in the Netherlands. Unilever is formed in 1930 and Philips is formed in 1907, both of them were formed long time ago, and yes, it always takes time to be as successful as these two companies. Unilever has 174.000 employees and has a presence in over 100 countries while Philips has 121.000 employees in 100 countries[4]. Each company can provide more than 120.000 people with jobs they are offering. It’s such a very helpful way in helping people yet decreasing  your countries’ unemployment rate and thicken your wallet.

Talking about startups in the Netherlands, there are eBuddy.com that widely known by the teenagers in Indonesia. The chat application from eBuddy.com is often downloaded and used as a chat messenger in their handheld devices. There is also PressDoc.com, a site that you can publish your own social media release online and share it with journalist, bloggers and your clients. These two startups are claimed to be some of the hottest startups in the Netherlands[5]. These startups also show that young entrepreneurs in the Netherlands these days seem to be more into techopreneurship rather than usual entrepreneurship.

It is undeniable that it is difficult to survive a startup at the first time, but if you can be more patient, persistent, and never give up on it, someday it will be a successful company. You just need to have a little more faith. It takes time, but good things come to those who wait.

– ditulis oleh Rindy Nuari S.


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