#412 Netherlands: Moves with Positive Change

Life is very exciting, and I want to feel the sensation of being euphoric, enjoy all the pleasure and joy in my heart. I want to share, I want others to feel happy too. ( my conscience says…)

When we are talking about happiness, Have you ever think if we are surrounded by enviroments, society, or happily living state? Surely life would be much healthier mentally&physically, harmonius family, enjoy the work, and feeling safe in a country that we live in.

And its feeling comes ,open my eyes when i read an article about the fact of Netherlands. Make me wonder how could a small country in Uni Europe below the surface of the sea can be that fabulous? Their achievements are : The best country for work-life balance (Rank 3), The best Internasional Venue Award, The best world university reputation Ranking 2012 ( Rank 3), The Best Place for Business ( Rank 2), and the most wonderful thing about netherland according to me is The world Hapiness Report (rank 4) with a description of level of happiness that most of the Dutch population are satisfied and happy with they life. (source: Dutch Daily News 2012)

Netherlands is freedom that what is cross my mind when i heard that name. it is where the supreme seat of the Internasional Constitution, the freedom which is upheld with basic HUMAN RIGHTS. Based on government.nl ,in April 2011 the Dutch government completed its updated human rights strategy ‘Responsible for Freedom’. The Netherlands’ human rights policy is based on three pillars: Security, Prosperity and Freedom. One of them the citizens are free to choose any religion they want without any force and pressure. This freedom makes dutch people feel happy with their surrounding according also based on the index Mercer.com, in quality of life index, dutch placed in number 12th in a survey of political stability, the welfare of the good job prospects, low crime, etc.

This “Freedom” makes Dutch people feel happy, they become more productive and innovative with their works. Such as recently launched innovative Flaying cars that the name “PAL-V I Ultimate Freedom” as a Spark company cooperation with PAL-V Erupe NV. In addition, the other creativity since March 2012 the Catharinaplein city in Eindhoven region has graced the Floating lights with the name “FreeStreet” ,from Philips product.

Spreading happiness is a positive thing that will shape the creativity. No wonder netherland moves forward & developing innovatively. That i want to make a change in this world. I’m not good at economics though, so bringing progress to the world economy might not be my thing. I’m not capable of handling political and to improve our government system is also out of my field but, I’m good at being positive, and I just simple want people to be positive about their lives too. Positivity is the key of a healthy mind, a healthy soul, a healthy family, a healthy country, and a world’s country. And once we have it, what else matters? 🙂

– ditulis oleh Zahro Juniati


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