#448 Preserved Land

In term of tourism, all countries over the world are like houses. There’s a house with guarding dogs, that bark you everytime you want to make a visit. There’s a house with line of greeters that give you a welcome bouquet. There’s also a house with wide outer living room that may fit all guest, but that’s the furthest you could go. The Ducth, though, if we may illustrate them in term of tourism, is a canal building. It has a dozen of wide windows, and is neither hard nor easy to enter.

Netherlands’ visa process leaves a very different impression on different persons, some might say it’s piece of cake, while some other say it’s hard to obtain the visa. However, it does not prevent them to have a high number of visitor. Amsterdam for example, according to Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Travel, receives 7.5 million foreign visitors a year. It becomes the most visited city among all cities in Netherlands.

What has been offered to those million visitors in Amsterdam, and all cities of Netherlands? It was and will always be: a history.

The main focuses of tourism in Netherlands as we commonly know is museums, historical building and sites, old windmills, Dutch bulbfields, etc. Lies on those is history. One might walks at Herengracht and sightsee decades-old canal houses. One might enjoy the masterpieces of Rembrandt that attains the age of 300 years old. One might find a four hundred years old tower such as The Domtoren in Utrecht. One might visit Chapel of St. Hippolytus in Delft built on 1396. It’s all history.

What is fascinating here is how the Dutch had the thought of keeping those history into nowadays life and offering it as the ‘display’ of tourism. It might be their high appreciation to their heritages that preserve the history, and yet it becomes a tourism attraction to foreigners. What an agreement to be made through out regimes! Not to mention costly restorations, preservations and conservations to maintain the historical sites and pieces.

While the world evolves quickly, and everything has changed, we could see the time frozen in the land of the Dutch. It’s like we join a marathon, and we see a very steady and relaxing area where the time stops. That is might be the reason for people to visit the Netherlands. The Dutch must have took a lot of efforts to bring the history into millenium era, to preserve their land, and it deserves a lot appreciation.

– ditulis oleh Raidah Intizar


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