#463 Why Holland is A Creative Nation by Doing Nothing

I’ve never been to the Netherlands. But I really really really want to go there. Why? Because from what I’ve read on the internet, Holland is a very creative nation.

Why creative? Because they have successfully created such a positive image of themselves—that not just make me very eager to visit, but also want to live there—without having to claim or boast or promote anything. They’re just being who they are, doing positive things and let other people make the judgement and then voice them to the rest of the world.

Here are some of the examples.

  • The Netherlands ranks seventh in the 2011 Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS), a new study that examines innovation indicators in the European Union’s 27 member states, plus seven other European countries. The IUS considers 25 different innovation indicators that are organized into three categories: enablers, firm activities, and outputs. Holland scored particularly well for its available research systems, ranking first in this area among all surveyed nations.The Netherlands is the third best place in the world to live according to the United Nations in 2011. The UN’s annual Human Development Index compares 187 countries on factors including health, education, per-capita income and life expectancy.
  • The Netherlands is one of the world’s happiest nations according to the first-ever World Happiness Report, published by the United Nations in 2012. It ranks fourth behind Denmark, Finland and Norway, after a series of studies and surveys about income, freedom, trust in the government and life expectancy conducted in the past few years.
  • Amsterdam, a.k.a. the bike capital of the world , tops many lists as the most bike-friendly city every single year. Safe and extensive route networks and a bike culture that transcends class boundaries are some of the reasons why 40% of the city’s traffic moves on two wheels.
  • Last year, Dutch internet users have access to the fastest internet in Europe with average speed of 7.5 Mbps. It ranks 4th worldwide based on a survey of Akamai which monitors 15 to 30 percent of global internet traffic.
  • According to Transparency International’s 2011 Bribe Payers Index, companies from the Netherlands are seen as least corrupt or least likely to bribe when doing business. An earlier research from Forbes Magazine also identified the Netherlands as one of the best countries for business.
  • Compared to other European countries, the Netherlands is crisis-proof, according to research from ING Bank economists. With its lowest external debt and the fact that they save extensively, this country is in the best financial shape to weather a crisis.
  • The Netherlands was named third best country for work-life balance in a 2011 report from the OECD. The fact that women are able to successfully combine family life with career development contribute to this title.
  • Hopefully one day I’ll get the opportunity to visit this creative country and add something to this positive long list—based on my own experiences.

    – ditulis oleh Keshie Hernitaningtyas


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