#465 Those Tulips Are Mine

Well, that must be the most appropriate awe for turkey when they see Keukenhof, the widest and the most captivating tulips garden with numerous beautiful colors which had been known as one of the Netherlands landmark since very long time ago. You might wonder why turkey would say those tulips are theirs, neither too many people are familiar with the fact that Tulips were originally from turkey. Yes, they were, when turkey or ottoman dynasty, to be precise, did their invasion in order to consolidate their power to wide European countries but failed at the end, they were leaving not-so-worthy-yet-tulips while they docked at Netherlands which was by then developed and popularized by Dutch people.

The latter irresistible fact, of course has become evidence of Dutch creativity, the creativity that had been exist since hundreds years ago. Perhaps, when you take your globe, you will hardly find where Netherlands is, the country is undeniably small with lack of natural resources, yet, that didn’t stop them until they become one of a well-known world first countries. Ignore the fact that Dutch had been very successful for making their country from nothing to something, the fact which shouldn’t be mentioned for more as everyone undoubtedly has been too familiar with. That is the fact that almost 20% Dutch territories are apparently under the sea level. Pointed matter struggling, were faced from 1575-1650. And when you think it is the time for being mesmerized by Dutch creativity, wait and see what’s coming in, because naming this country’s glorious flairs is everlasting.
Speaking of everlasting, an everlasting world-wide humanity dream that seemed would never be come true, has realized by the Dutch. A flying car has just been released, engineers informed that this vehicle is very effective to avoid traffic jams, that is why it is very ideal for business people, police and as ambulance that tolerate no deceleration. Not only they invented hi-tech and do nothing about the impact to environment, Dutch people is also has great concern of how to tackle with global warming issue. In fact, we can find thousands bicycles in Netherlands, along all roads there are special routes for cyclists. This is of course immensely great way of carbon offsetting. furthermore, last February Netherlands has made another innovation in alternative energy production, they converts vibrations from passing vehicles in road surface into sustainable form energy.

Despite, Netherlands is seemed to be a very modern country with all high technology inventions, and all new architecture style. They maintain their cultural originality, this is expressed by so many buildings and historical museums that remain the same as it was since antiquity. And i can’t hardly wait to go to Netherlands and see all the fairy tales Netherlands caused in my head, on my own.

– ditulis oleh Aisyah Nabila


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