#467 Simple Innovation that was Unthinkable

Lighting could be incorporated into one basic human needed. Almost all activity needs lighting. Begun from relying on sun and moon as a lighting and then invented the fire, and at this time most of people in the work rely on lamps as a lighting devices. Many obstacles will be occurred if the lighting is reduced or not available. For example the decline of productivity in manufacture and some accidents can happen in the road if there are no lighting during the night. For that many research have been doing to develop lighting technologies which is more effective and save energy. Research to develop lighting and lamps continue to be done in many countries, but few have succeeded in giving significant effect. However, this didn’t happen to one innovation that had been done in Netherlands, a country which frequently invents unpredictable innovations in the world. One of them was an innovation that became a topic in Dutch Daily News recently. That innovation was an uncommon lamp installation in Catharinaplein, Eindhoven.

The lamp was installed floating, actually it was not really floating because that lamp didn’t support by poles but hanged between trees in that area, that gave floating effect if looked from far. This system emitted the light effectively to all directions, the number of received lux more evenly if it compare to the lighting pole systems, which is the light will be centered under the poles. Beside more effective, this innovation also saves energy, because this systems use LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lamp type. This innovation was held by Philips one of company was established in Netherlands which now almost covered all lighting markets in the world. Philips also one of company which is has main office in Netherlands and continuing to improve their products. Even though they already exceed 100 years, their technology never left behind and continue to create new trend in lighting technology.

I certainly will not tell you more about the success or other innovations from Philips, but my explanation above in purpose to give real evidence about development and creative innovation that continue to occur in Netherlands. As we know innovation I mentioned above will not give a profit directly to the initiator, but that reason never obstruct creativity action, even by a big company such as Philips. Creating an innovation in the goods we use familiar in our daily activity is not easy, because came an understanding that we already get the advantages of this goods without any innovation happen to them. But an example about innovation in lamps that create by Netherlander, open my minds. However slightly the benefits of object near to us, we may to critic and detail in analyze or even do some research so we can get an optimum output that make our live easier.

– ditulis oleh Galuh Arum


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