#468 I Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands, and that makes it feasible for tourism. In Amsterdam we can find a lot of unique places and many entertainments offered.

Starting with bikes, we can find a lot of bikes in here, most of locals here use a bike as transportation, and they try to influence tourists to do same as their daily habit. To support these efforts they provide many rental bikes all over the city. They have packaged their daily habit to be a nice entertainment for tourists. In many tourist recommendations they always mention that the best way to enjoy Amsterdam is by hiring a bike. It is awesome how unique they package this bike so everybody who comes to Amsterdam will never miss it. No wonder some people call Amsterdam “Bike City”.

Life style, in here we can also have unique life style. I am not really sure if life style is the best word to describe how marijuana is sell legally in cafe. Not only that we also can find a lot of sex shops that offer their products openly on display, they sell a lot of kind outrageous toys. Even they have a sex museum. They believe that sex is not something that not good and it is to be discussed in general, and they believe sex is the next human need after food, home, and clothes. Obviously this becomes something of interest to tourists to visit here because it makes Amsterdam really different from any other city in the world.

The next unique thing of Amsterdam is the maze of canals that encircle the city. The tourists can see nice buildings around the maze. Actually the function of these canals is to keep the sea water is not entering the city. But again government and locals here can package all things around them so it can be something of interest to tourists.

There is not enough space to tell the unique features of Amsterdam in one article, it will be more than satisfactory if we go to Amsterdam and compare my explanation above to the real experience. What government and locals in Amsterdam do is evidence that they are keep on making unique innovations to show the world.

– ditulis oleh Galuh Arum


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