#476 Collides in Harmony

In our daily journey, we often go looking for a single form of identity of who we are. To reach a holistic form of entity, it turns out that we should not have filtered thousands influences and take out only one. Why bother filtering such massive amount of influences while we can just reach those thousands of differently beautiful influences and sewn them well together?

That opinion of mine was surfacing because I got few chances to observe things that contain dualism. Dualism in ideas, things, character and many more. A few days ago I wrote some review about a hotel in Amsterdam that open up its door as a hotel that preserving a historical building in Amsterdam. The name is Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam and obviously occupying the former abandoned building of renowned Sweelinck Conservatory. Not just plainly occupying, with a help of great designer and architect, Pierro Lissoni, the old building has been knitted greatly and infiltrated with the touch of today’s lifestyle. The brick walls and wood flooring records a lot of stories of Sweelinck Conservatory and now living side by side with full glass building, steel structure and renown modern era furniture such as Cassina, Living Davina and others. Old and new, both are collided and melted harmoniously. Reaching such a contemporary atmosphere and as well as giving a new breath of life to the area within and surrounding Conservatorium Hotel. One of the main heart-throbbing parts of this hotel is the Brasserie which took place in the glass building which they called the Atrium. By sitting in the Brasserie area, one would be able to see parts of the city many faces; the old brick wall, the modern glass building, and the view of Amsterdam’s buzzing life. Those three will surely rushing the blood to the head and living up our spirit. In my point of view, Conservatorium Hotel is one of those perfect examples where dualism stands in harmony.

Netherland is famous for its advance thinking in many fields and Amsterdam itself is an international city which had already grabbed thousands influences that I mentioned before. The thousands which include lifestyle of the Dutch and lifestyle of other nationality and also Dutch history mixed with its own new culture. Thousands of living, contradicting and moving factors that wrapped into one identity of lively Amsterdam.

That kind of identity, where many supporting factors behind it keeps moving, changing and open, is needed to be preserved in ourselves. As a person who works in a design field, I personally think that I should grab much more things outside of design topics and combine it all inside myself. That is also my opinion of what other designers should have done too. The meeting and colliding of ideas should always be inside of every designer so we keep on questioning and never gets tired of looking for new solution and make some dynamic duo inside ourselves because in most of this world cases’ solution, two are better than one.

– ditulis oleh Fryza Pavitta P.


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