#506 Do You Believe that People’s Ideas Give Contribution for Creativity?


Do you believe that people’s ideas give contribution for creativity?

If you think that the subject above, there will be various answers about it. Let’s focus to particular subject, how’s about Dutch creativity? Have you any ideas? I think this topic is a kind of fascinating experience since I have been drawing batik one year ago.

I still remembered when I found the letters of my grandfather which were written in Dutch language. I would say that it was my first experience I knew about Dutch and its culture. When my mom read those letters, the language was not familiar for my ears on that moment. My grandfather was working as a clerk in 20-30’s. Then mom showed me the family collection. I saw the old white vas with the blue flower motif, diner plates, mini porcelains which were hanged on the walls around the porch and living room.I started thinking how those things mostly were in white and blue color with the picture of flowers, people and birds. Moms said that they were the exquisite souvenirs from Holland besides the wooden sho es, chocolate and not forget the cheese.

After my parents passed away I received several things as my legacy and they were hand-drawn batik sarongs and stola’s with tie dye batik technique. Before having them I never thought to make my own batik design as I am used to do in the weekend. I like batik with blue motif color, but with the white background which is called as “batik putihan”. I think its ideas got influence from Dutch Blue Print design.

Based on the information which I have learned from reading materials that Dutch batik were represented by pictures such as flower bouquets or flower plants with grapes, cranes, swans or butterflies. The other pictures which often emerged were buildings and people. Some people said that Dutch batik was inspired by the European fairy tales for example Snow White, Hans and Gretel. That’s why the Dutch batik had the realist style (as the real form). In the Dutch batik people get introduced the two part of frame and they were the head and the body.

I have read books, presentations and visit the exhibition especially with topic Indonesian’s handicraft or traditional craft. I travel to the local markets from Pekalongan, Jogya , Solo, but I am interested in the Dutch batik.

The Dutch people like Metzelaar, Eliza van Zuylen who made the buketan (flowers bouquet) batik pattern design which was considered as the ultimate creation had given the excellent appreciation for the batik development in Indonesia. Others which also designed batik with Dutch style were the family Coenraad who used the sogan color in Pacitan, van Gentz Gottlieb and Jonas in Solo, Gobel and de Boer in Yogyakarta, Williams and Matheron in Banyumas.

Designing batik is not only preserved my heritage as Indonesia’s person, but I prefer saying as “Antidote of Emptiness” to the love ones.

– ditulis oleh Wahyu Ary W.


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