#524 Another van Gogh was Born

“Een haastig man moet op geen ezel rijden” is one Netherlands proverb that more or less means If you want to succeed, you need the right tools. Netherlands people seem not only has the tool but knows how to maximize it (re: creativity). For centuries, Netherlands creativity had inspired and informed. Well, it’s suited to the fact that creative industry grows fast recently. New pioneer comes up with new and fresh ideas. Van Gogh is such a legendary for the Dutch history. He is known as one of the best painter in European land in his era. Picture and paintings of this post-impressionist painter are considered the best, the most expensive, and the most famous art works in the world. Today’s masters include iconic figures such as fashion designer Viktor & Rolf, illustrator Dick Bruna, architecture Rem Koolhaas, and DJ/producer Tiësto. They are able to translate the strength of Dutch creativity into pragmatic, open minded, out of the box, conceptual, and adhering the principle of “less is more” platform.

Viktor & Rolf is fashion house based in Amsterdam. It is established by two designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren in 1993. In their first show in Hyeres Festival (1993), they won three prizes of Salon Europeen des Jeunes Stylistes at the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie. Since 1993 to present, they have launched 28 collections of women’s apparels, 15 collections of men’s apparels, and 5 special collection of haute couture. Some well-known fashion brands signed deals to collaborate such as Samsonite (1990) for their luggage line, Shu Uemura (2008) for false eyelashes items, and big apparel like H&M in 2006. Viktor & Rolf even expand their products by launching parfume in collaboration with L’Oreal (2005) with name Flowerbomb and Antidote. What makes them counted is their unique cutting and brave outrageous design which differs them from other designers.

Viktor & Rolf in runway

Rem Koolhaas is founding partner of OMA, Office of Metropolitan, currently based in Rotterdam. He was ever asked to conduct numbers of selected projects such as The Interlace in Singapore, Waterfront City in Dubai, and Seattle Public Library in USA. He is a Dutch architecture, theorist, urbanist, and professor in Practice of Architecture and Urban Design at Graduate School of Design University, Harvard. Rem has successfully transformed his eccentric style to promising sellable commodity. During the period, he won The Pritzker Prize in 2000 and was listed in The 100 Most Influential People of Times magazines in 2008. He was eventually crowned lifetime achievement award from Golden Lion of the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

The Interlace Singapore

Seattle Public Library

Hendrik Magdalenus Bruna or Dick Bruna is an author, illustrator, artist, and graphic designer. Bruna is best known for his children book series now numbering over 200. He was from family with publisher background indeed. His father is the owner of large publishing company A.W. Bruna and Zoon. He also made over 2000 covers and more than 100 posters for his father’s company. Some of his most popular illustrations were The Saint, James Bond, Simenon, and Shakespeare.

Japanese stamps by Dick Bruna

Cover of the phenomenal rabbit “miffy” by Dick Bruna

Tijs Michiel Verwest was born 43 years ago in Breda, Netherlands and most likely known as DJ Tiësto. He had interest at music since the age of twelve. He began DJing professionally when he was 14 years old at school parties. Tiësto’s fame started to rise in the late of 1990. It has been hundreds of singles, soundtracks, mixes, and 5 solo albums produced. One of his best works is soundtrack of TV commercial for Cocacola campaign in 2003 and 2008. Moreover, Tiësto became the first DJ to perform live at the Olympic Games when he was asked to perform during the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in Athens. He is also asked as one of composer for Mission Impossible IV. During his carrier, he attained number one poll position in the DJ Magazine (UK) Top 100 popularity poll in 2002, 2003, and 2004. If you want to check how he masters the crowd, he monthly performs in Gatecrasher which is one the best clubs in England.

DJ Tiësto on his live performance

– ditulis oleh Shadrina Sahidu


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