#533 Fuel Urine

As one of the developed country in the world Netherland has the experts not exception in the science. Recently, the scientists from Holland have been developing the research about utilization of waste resources to be alternative source of fuel by processing human urine. This is become a good news for people who feel panic because of world oil price is getting higher day by day and the countries are forced to raise oil price too. Holland is the first country which has been developing this technology and then followed by other developed countries such as United States, England, Mexico and Scotland.

Netherland government gave the faith to Delft Engineering College and DHV Research to discover the processing urine technology. They got patent of the research in China, South Africa, United States, and Europe. “We have processed urine through conventionally and chemically collected, said Andreas Glessen, the Manager of Innovation of DHV Research. Based on the radio journalist of Netherland in Holland, Thiss Westerbeek said that human urine produce energy equivalent to 110K Megawatt for thirty houses or for a small town. It is very potential! We know how the changes of urine could be the energy alternative source is simply relative. Urine contains ammonia compound, if we get its heated slowly urine could be change as ammonia gas. This gas is entered to fuel cell like generator, then it used for produce electrical energy and even as fuel for electric car. Furthermore, the residue from processed urine that is phosphate acid also can be use as not dangerous urea fertilizer because it is not contains any chemical compound. Although early cost is relatively high, it is common sense in Holland and more marketable moreover the research is funded by central government, said Thiss. Based on the information from CSIR e-News Dutch people have been developing to separate urine from the bathroom since 2006. The technology pioneered by Dr. Jac Wilsenach who got the doctoral degree from University of Delft. “We must see the human urine as natural source than waste” said Wilsenach who has been working as senior researcher CSIR Natural Resources and Environment. He said human urine as waste contains 80% nitrogen, 50% phosphate and 70% potassium.

Breakthrough getting fuel made from human urine is very brilliant idea. How a great discovery! Urine is the thing that we produce it every day, if we do not produce the urine we will get sick. This is something unique which is people never think about it, how urine can change into fuel for our motor vehicle. I hope that the research will be continues to be perfect and use other natural resources in addition to urine to make fuel oil. So, we can switch from using the fossil resources which is will be run out if we do not attempt to use other natural resources as material to make fuel. This is evidence Dutch people is a creative nation and they never stop innovating to make the better life.

– ditulis oleh Maytiningtyas


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