#540 Dutch Creativity in Sex Education

Holland always have something controversial regarding the sex issue. For example the Red Light District is famous and everywhere. Hence, it is turns out to be the tourism spot. Therefore the sex museum keeps attracting people to visit. If you are wondering on how this openness can make no negative impact for the kids and the sex industry remain still? Keep reading 😀

Sex education in Holland begin since 1980s. Dutch children are taught about sex at primary school. BBC news reported the Dutch routinely discusses about sex. It doesn’t stop at classroom but also in home. Kids can ask anything about sex and the parent will give the advice. They suggested not having sex before marriage and also the differences between love and lust. The other party, such as a teenage magazine was giving out free condoms and talked much about sexual technique in their edition.

As BBC news interviewed Dutch passer-by about this issue and they said “We find it easy to talk about it, we’re better educated and therefore better informed about the consequences of what we are doing.”

“If you have a baby when you are at school, then you can’t complete your education which means you have no future – it mucks up your life” says another.
The government itself shows the responsibility by making a regulation not to give aid financial to a mother under the age of 18.

The Dutch Sex Education is so effective because it is not only talk about sex but focus on helping young people understands about relationship, sex and decide when the best time to do and the responsibility of their decision. This creativity brings openness as the platform of honesty seems work by the result of Holland as the lowest country with the number of unwanted pregnant in Europe. This data is a great news comparing with other modern nation for example England. England reported they have 5 worse ranks than Holland.

In my perspective, this system should be adapted in Indonesia. Even though our culture still thinking sex is a taboo, with the increasing number of unwanted pregnant, we are left with no other choice than starts giving the sex education. Sometimes teenager with no knowledge of sex education can mislead by the wrong information and they have no clue where to talk about. They decide to try by their self and trapped in free sex style. If your kids feel embarrassed to ask first make sure they know the parent are available when they have a question. So let’s talk about sex education right from our family. Hopefully this will help as much as Holland did.

– ditulis oleh Lenny Lim


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