#543 My Point of View of Dutch As Great Nation

Dutch were a world power a few centuries ago with many explorations of the world, but I think they are still . They had colonized many countries including South Africa, Mauritius and my own nation Indonesia. The Dutch exploited the vast resources of our land for about 350 years which mainly taking spices which were so highly valued in Europe. Well those the historical point of view.

In social life, Dutch people are very peaceful nation. They were a monarchy back when they were a world power but essentially a western democracy. Holland is a small part of the nation called the Netherlands so it’s important to not get confused as to the countries real name. When I think of that country, I think of Tulips, Windmills, Clogs, and dikes.

In many ways the Dutch people can be seen as creative and innovative. For example we can look at the dikes which are made by the Dutchmen. Big parts of Holland are below the sea level and they still figured out a way to live there, safe and dry. The dikes, big dam walls which held back the sea where they had “reclaimed” land from the sea…pretty clever and creative I think. Another thing they use is the windmills as the force of the wind to Generate electricity.

Next to nature, the people are really open minded. With other words; all is possible in Holland. You can live on the countryside, calm and easy. But people can also dive right into the big cities like Utrecht and Amsterdam. They have a well organized democracy and I think that because of this that everybody has a feeling of meaning something for the society.

Dutch people  known as pragmatic, they sometimes make distance with stranger keep to themselves, respect time and values, family minded, and at some point they are frankly and speak bluntly which might caused some people whose coming from other cultures with different mind set got insulted.

But despite of that mentioned habits, Dutch people are very friendly, tolerant, honesty and trustfulness once you know them. I know this because I have good friends and they keep the friendships even though we live far each other and invite me to stay with them once I make my way to this country.

Since this country well known as very multi cultural with international atmosphere and high tolerant, this country become main destination and reliable address to get high quality education. I heard from some friends whose got chances to get their education in Holland and also from my other friends which are originally from Holland that the environment really supports their living as students and citizen. That creates innovation and for sure its creativity.

The things are the more I dive deeper into their nation the more I want to learn about Dutch, both from language and its culture. I’m sure that one day, I could make my way and fulfill my dream to visit this country.

– ditulis oleh Ratih Hapsari


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6 responses to “#543 My Point of View of Dutch As Great Nation

  1. Tno

    Interesting article, get some nice information that I never knew before 🙂

  2. Beyonce

    nice article. What do you think with the saying “let’s do it in the dutch way” 🙂

    • Well, that’s part of dutch known as pragmatic and that terms of words related when Dutch people ask you to eat in restaurant or try to treat you for meals it called as ‘Dutch Treat’, means that you have to pay your own meals. That might surprised for some people from different culture if someone ask to treat you in restaurant or for meals, means they will pay for you.. But not for some Dutch people 🙂

  3. Yunita Drie

    Isinya ga neko-neko. Cukup menggambarkan pandangan seorang yang memiliki keingin tahuan dan realistis.

    • Thanks, saya menulis ini memang ini general berdasarkan apa yang saya ketahui dan lebih dikarenakan pengalaman dari teman dan juga interaksi dengan beberapa teman yang berasal dari negeri Belanda 🙂

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