#549 Spare Time ala Netherlander

Having spare time on your hectic daily is like finding an oasis on your long long way desert’s journey. Most of us do the same thing to spend spare time, Being a ‘lazy bone’. What is ‘lazy bone’ ? it means doing nothing and just having fun for your self, such as: watching tv, playing video games, just lying down on your bed, surfing on the internet , etc. We always see that doing those things are just fine, b’cause we are in the rest time and those are the way to make yourself relax, fun and re-charge our energy. Yep, we seldom realize that, time running fast, even too fast. There still a lot things to spend your spare time rather than those things. You know, These things are not occur for Nethelander. They always find a way to do something that have an added value on their spare time.

Based on the book Nederland Leren Kennen by Kees Snoek, the Nethelander are kind of hard work people, even on their spare time. They rather stay at home than go outside, but they do a lot of things in their ‘home sweet home’. Netherlander really love to decorating, do some renovation or cleanning up their garden and make it more lovely. That’s way most of homes in Netherland looks so pretty with a tidy garden full of magnificent flowers. They like do renovate the old building, beautify they old room by re-painting or decorating. Even the government give particular budget straight to renovate their old building. This culture was developed cause of the gardener’s fee are too high, so they decided to do it by theirself.

Another proof about this, is : In 60’s, the television is kind of device that every home should have. The increasing in television sale not influenced the willing of netherlander to read and visit the museum. This condition was still happening until 80’s. I think this is so great, television is full of entertainment that made people love to watch it for many hours and left their usefull activities, for netherlander, the television doesn’t made them being lazy. They still love to read.

Another activities that Netherlander love to do on their spare time are doing some culture thingy like traditional dance, orchestra, folk song choir, photograph and many more. Woman still love to made handicraft things like knitting or sewing. For the man, beside renovating their house, they also like to ‘play’ with their motorcycle or car, like do some modification, fix the machine, repainting , etc. There are many informal clubs, to help people find something to do on spare time like : birds lover, garden club, sewing club and many things.

The way netherlander do on spare time is absolutely right. From my opinion, those activities help them to enhance their creativity. This is the reason why Netherlander are so creative and full of inovation. They never stop to renovate or decorating their home and garden, plus, do these constantly. it Isn’t bad to follow them, right ? let’s be productive!

– ditulis oleh Fitra T.


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