#550 Why Netherlander So Creative?

‘Een nederlander-een dominee, twee nederlander-een kerk, drie nederlanders-een schisma’. This sentence truly surprise me, when i read nederland leren kennen by Kees Snoek. The meaning of that sentence is : a netherlander-a pastor, two netherlanders-a church, three netherlanders – discordance. Discordance ? i really didn’t get the meaning at the first, since we all know the proverb : one stick is weak while a bunch of sticks is hard to be broken. How can three netherlanders even made discordance ? that book said that the proverb told us about how netherlander love to argue, sharing their thought and having discuss. It probably came from their old culture, which is calvinist. It made them believe and stand with their opinion. Some people said it’s not good to be like this, it made us a close-minded person. Actually , right now we could see that this tradition bring the netherlander to positive way. As the time goes by, netherlander became more flexible and open-minded person and that tradition already bring a creative thinking to the people. It help them to Develop their mind wider and wider, so they can find many innovations. They used to learn how to stand with something with many reasons that they were already thought. Beside that, this traditions also made them not easily influenced by any other belief, faith , etc.

We can see about this in the way netherlander keep their traditions and culture until now. The government always allocate the budget to renovate their old building. Maybe, this is the reason why the architecture and building in Holand are so enchanthing. The people always try to made more artistic but still never left the history value. Some books said that the netherlands is seen as a mecca for artist, attracts many young designer,architects and artist to work in climate of artistic freedom, dialogue and innovation. Hmm, creativity is truly counts when we say Netherland.

Another reason that made them more creative is densely population. Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe, which means the Dutch have to be creative with space for homes, jobs and infrastructure.

Maybe is should stop writing about the reasons why the netherlander is so creative. This is one of the example of their creativity in building. The Tuschincki Theatre, i just saw the pictures of many building in Holland and this theatre already took my attention, only by photo! It said that every visitor that walks in for the first time is stunned. Originally, the concept consist of two style: Art deco and Amsterdam School. It looks so beautifully historical with an axotic art entrance, using thousands of electric lamps, marble, stained glass windows. Woah ! really made me curious, i should put this place on a-must-be-visited-list

– ditulis oleh Fitra T.


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