#553 Dutch: Idee, Creatieve, Innovatieve

To be honest, I begin to adore Dutch more and more often than before! The awesome parts of Dutch are the people, especially their creativity. Until at the moment, Dutch people never stop creating many beneficial inventions in many scopes. The great beneficial inventions that I got from some sources are about the water technology and the flying car.
The former, water technology, told about the new invention to remove nitrogen from waste water [1]. Is it beneficial? Of course!

The later, flying car, told about the finally-realizable idea of fully functional flying car which is well operating in both land and air [2].

“For a hundred years, designers and engineers have been dreaming of the ‘flying car’. Countless prototypes have been developed, including cars with wing attachments. As a result of the right technical choices, PAL-V performs just as well on the road as it does in the air and it can be quickly and simply converted from drive-to fly-mode [3].”

– ditulis oleh Pinkie Anggia


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