#561 Dutch, Pioneer of Indonesia’s Success

When Indonesians hear about Dutch, most of them will remember about history of how their ancestors who struggled to pursue the Indonesian independence long time ago. Indeed, the Netherland was a country that colonized Indonesia for around 350 years, the longest period compared with other countries like Japan, Portugal, Spain and England. Despite the fact that the Dutch colonized and brought sufferings to Indonesia within that period of time, but it is evident that Dutch had indirectly provide many foundations for Indonesia to be an Independent and developed country which cover three prominent area: infrastructure, technology, and economy.

In infrastructure area, Dutch had built many things in Indonesia which are beneficial for Indonesian up until now. Roads, buildings, and trail way are the evidence that prove high quality of infrastructures made by Dutch that still for a very long time. Majority of city roads nowadays were shaped by the Dutch’s master plan and provide Indonesian government the foundation to link cities and provinces. Beside road system, the Dutch also set a great example on how to construct buildings which can be seen in major cities in Indonesia like in Jakarta Kota and Semarang. The Jakarta commuters can easily see the magnificent Jakarta train station which keeps standing tall despite the rapid Jakarta transformation. The same railway station also a proof on how the Dutch created railway system across java island which plays a very important role in developing Indonesia economy.

Beside their contribution in Indonesia infrastructure, the Dutch also brought important improvement on technology and economy in Indonesia. Well-known companies in Indonesia such as PLN (perusahaan Listrik Negara) and PT. POS Indonesia were pioneered by Dutch. In 1897, Nederlandsch Indische Gas Maatschappij, a Dutch gas company decided to expand their company to electricity supply which then followed by other Dutch companies that were actually the cores of PLN. This clearly shows that the Dutch was behind the current technology of Indonesia on the area of power supply. Years before PLN was established, PT. POS Indonesia was pioneer pioneered in Batavia (now is Jakarta) by the General-Governor, G.W Baron van Imhoff in August 26th 1746. The purpose was to ensure the letters received and sent to authorized people, this arrangement had evidently support the economy of Indonesia where every person and company can interact with each other and this enabled businesses to grow. Other than those two companies, there were other companies in Indonesia that were actually pioneered by Dutch that also put the foundation on both technology and economy in Indonesia.

Dutch Innovation and creativities can become inspiration for us as Indonesian to create betterment in every sector that will lead to an improvement in people’s welfare. The examples of Dutch’s creativities written in this essay only represent a very small part of how creative and innovative Dutch people are.

– ditulis oleh Bayu Fazri R.


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