#569 The Country of Flower Business

Talking about flower, it’s one of the biggest business in Netherlands. What’s so special about flower? Yes, i know it’s so beautiful. But with a sprinkle of creativity you can create business from it.

Beside the well-known Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden situated near Lisse, Netherlands; have you ever heard about Aalsmer and Floriade?

No? Ok, let me amaze you!

Flower Auction? You got to be kidding me!

 The auction area

 Flowers from all around the world

What cross on your mind when you hear word “auction”? A bunch of people making a bid to product or service, antique product, for the highest price. But there’s something different with Netherlands auction. Yes, it’s flower auction! Doesn’t it sound so amazing? You got to check out Aalsmeer Flower Auction. It is by far the largest and most captivating floral auction in the world.

The system is all computerized, bidders sit in multi-tiered rows, armed with computer screens. And the unique thing is, the bidding starts from high price and works its way down. So the fastest bidder who hit the “buy” button on the lower price will get the bid.

The flowers are uh-mazing. They’re not just tulips but flowers all around the world from Europe, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia. Around 20 million flowers are sold daily and 80% shipped around the globe!

Floriade, A Horticultural Expo for Multicultural People!

 Living nature! – Floriade 2012

 Beautiful flowers at Floriade

Horticultural expo? Please, it sounds so boring. Imagine yourself going around to see flower collection, manure, farming equipment. Horticultural expo is mostly identical with old people or people who work or have interest in that field.

But wait, have you ever heard about Floriade? Nope, it’s not an ingredient inside toothpaste, which is fluoride. Floriade is a world horticultural expo from Netherlands located in Venlo. What’s so interesting about this expo?

The city of Venlo will turn 163 acres of land into a flower park. It encompasses 5 unique themed worlds separated by wooded areas; Relax and Heal, Green Engine, Education and Innovation, Environment, World Show Stage. Every areas have different theme of garden, restaurant, attraction, pavilions.

The creativity to create a majestic horticultural expo for multi segmented people. Children have the opportunity to join the fun and learning their environment. Young people can acknowledge themselves or relax at many choices of nature ambiance restaurant that serve a delicious range of food. Family can take their family and educated themselves with this green-expo. Grandparents can enjoy their time strolling around the themed garden of their choices.

This event organized once every 10 years. And it’s happening this year and runs from April through October 2012. Psstt did you know that Indonesia participates in Floriade and they own one pavilion in World Show Stage area? Cool!

Oh God, let me be one of the victim for one of the World’s Top Destinations for 2012 by CNN!

So Netherlands is, should i call ummm, flower island? Yes yes!
Flowers are blooming. Then they’re falling off.
But in Netherlands, the flowers are always blooming everyday, yes?

– ditulis oleh Putri Karina


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