#604 Red Light Fashion

“The fact that you can actually sell a women in windows that way like degrading to me and we’re gonna be sell the clothes instead selling our bodies and I felt so good about it. – Sam, ANTM cycle11 Finalist

“The setting of…. we’re prostitute kind a make their living and sitting in the window that the prostitute sit, this is extremely controversial.” – Analeigh, ANTM cycle 11 Finalist

 Jan Taminiauw design, ‘Romantic Gown’

Holland been involve as go see destination for models in cycle 11 America’s Next Top Model (often abbreviated ANTM), the reality show in which a number of women compete for the title of America’s Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. One of challenge in cycle 11 was show the designer dress in the RED LIGHT DISTRICT are to support most talented designer of Holland. Some of the designer are Edwin Oudshoorn, Jan Taminiau, and Bas Kosters. Each designer have distinctive design and theme about clothes.

 Edwin Oudshoorn design, ‘Doll House’

I found something edgy and unique fact about Holland, we’ve been know about Red Light district so far the area which sex-workers and sex activities concentrated, but Red Light Fashion is kinda odd. Red Light Fashion refer to high-level fashion design in the Red Light district. It’s a mixture Dutch couture next doors to the well-known girls of pleasure. Mariete Hoitink is a women behind this idea. Basically the idea is to giving space for sixteen talented Holland designers and turn into business. The display store is human, it’s bring three dimensional view without spectacles and real. The vice versa of usual runway show, Red Light Fashion stay in the place and let people who walk around enjoy the show.

The idea was shockingly spectacular, It’s beyond imagination. the concept create a new fashion in the fashion industry. Fashion not always come from vulnerable places. Even in the disgraced places fashion comes alive. It is also can change the brand image of Red Light district with full of prostitutes to be full of creation, design and art.

 Bas Kosters design, ‘Freaky and Crazy’

From remarkable artistic creation of famous painter Vincent Van Gogh until the legalization of gay marriage in 2001, Dutch people definitely bringing creativity from time to time and dare to innovate with everything. Amsterdam as one of capital fashion in Europe with The Red Light Fashion District is another prove that Dutch people never stop to create something stunning.

– ditulis oleh Yudha Saputra


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