#605 When Green Meets Fashion

I used to say that fashion never walks together with nature. Though there’s so many designers who started to make their design are greener, I still presume it doesn’t work very well to impress consumer, especially the youngster. Comfortable shoes are made from leather, cool biker jacket are made from leather too and it’s like irreplaceable siblings. Well, I know it sounds too much but it’s obvious to see that many celebrities love wear a leather fabric made accessories. Jessica Alba with her python tote bag, The Olsen Twins with their leather jacket and have we mention our ‘dearest’ heiress Paris Hilton? She really loves fur. Even America’s first lady Michelle Obama wear leather made trouser at 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards. They’re teenage muse (except Mrs. Obama off course) they’re famous and everybody wants to be like them. That’s why people copied they’re style and then the problem started.

So this is the mechanism of this ‘Fashion killing nature’

First, consumer buy magazine

Second, they’re open it

Third, they’re feel ‘Wow’ when they’re saw they’re favorite actress’s style on the fashion spread.

And then they buy one of the items that wear by their favorite actress. They not think ‘what kind of material to make this product? Is it made from endangered species leather? Or what are the chemicals to produce this product?’
And this is what inspired the Dutch government to create a ‘Green Fashion Competition’. It’s an annual competition that launched in 2010 and this year is the third season of this competition. It’s initiate by Amsterdam Fashion Week and Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in collaboration with Dutch Design Week and the Netherlands Architecture Institute. the aim of this competition is to create more green fashion enterpreneur and promote the green fashion to youngster. Though they are still little amount of green fashion designer maybe after this event running in many years, the green fashion designer are more come out.
So this is the good chance for us to save the planet in creative way and thanks to the Dutch creative ministry to make us aware that this green thing can be the one of the faboulous fashion item.

– ditulis oleh Dhira Ma’rifa


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