#630 Urinal and Gender: Is It Possible for Women to Urinate Easily While Standing Up?

“Are you serious? No, no ways, I just can’t see myself doing ‘it’ in that. For a man it may be easier, for a woman that’s just impossible”, said a female passenger when responding to the new portable urinal ‘facility’ inside the dutch trains, which was reported by AFP News last year.

Since October 2011, Dutch National Railways have been introducing the use of biodegradable plastic bags, called ‘Pee-Bags’, for urinating to passengers, as an alternative solution in non-existing-toilet trains. The option was chosen in responding to the facts that16% of commuter trains with short-distance route services, called Sprinter, have no toilets onboard. The bags are used in emergency only, for instance, when the trains are stranded due to power failure or bad weather.

The Pee-Bag, which is made by the firm Travel John, has a cup-shaped top and contains powdered absorbent substance that can turn urine into gel. Passengers can use it in unoccupied cabin at the back of the train and, then, after use, they can simply seal and throw it away in the waste bin when they get off the train.

Although it seems that passengers will face no problems when doing their ‘business’ onboard, however, women feel worry about their privacy and the easiness of how to use the device. It, unfortunately, is considered not gender-friendly, as they found difficulties to urinate in to it properly. Not like men, women have to squat and pull down their pants while doing it.

But, don’t worry women!

In fact, a Dutch woman, Moon Zijp, has invented an innovative device for women to be able to urinate while standing up, called ‘P-Mate’. Her invention was actually inspired by her visits through Indonesia, where she often faced difficulties in finding bathrooms for peeing.

The P-Mate is very handy and best used when there are no toilets available or available but unhygienic, when women need enough privacy, when there is long queuing, or when someone has difficulties to squat and sit down, such as pregnant women and those with disability.

It is made from a cardboard paper that shaped like a shoe with the funnel hole at the end. It is very simple to use and yet effective. “Just simply pop open it, move your underwear aside, and place the cupped opening against your body under the flow area between your legs. Tilt hips so funnel faces slightly downwards. Relax and pee!”, written in the P-Mate website. Moreover, Karsenty’s study, in 2008, concluded that the majority of participants who involved in a trial study were satisfied with P-Mate and were willing to use it again.

The innovation of P-Mate has been acknowledged as a gender-based revolution in the idea about urinal for women and, today, has been widely distributed and accepted in Europe, America, Australia, and also Asia, including Indonesia. This is a best example of simple idea for great impact, especially for women.

– ditulis oleh Jhon S. Purba


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One response to “#630 Urinal and Gender: Is It Possible for Women to Urinate Easily While Standing Up?

  1. wahhh…keren nie…kalau untuk pria ada ga ya? khan pria butuh privacy jugaaa…hehehehehe

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