#670 2 Technologies that I Am Proud of the Dutch

there are many technology around the world that make us proud of it. from computer, internet, wireless, and the other technology that are created by many countries. but unlike many countries, Netherlands use their creativity to expand their land, their home, their business to stay life.

I proud of 2 technology that Netherlands create, there are :

Water Dam

the simple technology, more cheaper than ever, out of the box technology. this technology helps Netherlands to stay alive from the sea. when the first flooding was happen in 838, they must use their creativity to helps their country life.

so in the 10th century, Netherlands build their first water dam to avoid flooding from the sea. we know that Netherlands is the country where the land is more low than the sea. the creativity of Netherlands people succeed deliver their technology.

I like this technology, because not every countries can make this technology, and Netherlands can do that :)


the second technology that I proud with Netherlands is Windmill. actually, Windmill the first time use by Persia in 5th Century. but somehow, Netherlands known to use the Windmill. this Windmill used by Netherlands in 13th Century. in that moment, there’s more location in Netherlands that are still under the sea, by using a paddle wheel that is in the building windmills, water in the Dutch land diverted, channeled, and dammed, so that we can see today is not much water there.

Furthermore, the soil is still slightly damp dried with windmills. With the development of technology and architecture, the use of windmills were also developed. and now, we can see that many of Windmill in the Netherlands, the beautiful Country.

and now, the Windmill not only use to channeled and dammed the water, the Windmill now use for helping the industry and the agriculture and also for the attraction, because we all know that Dutch is famous with their Windmill.

There’s 2 technology that make me proud of Netherlands, I proud with Dutch People and all of creativity :)

– ditulis oleh Imam Herlambang


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