#674 The Netherlands: Land of Ideas

Hey mates, are you going to school riding on your yellow traditional school bus? If yeah, sorry then because Dutch kiddies are going to school with this cool bicycle bus school! Fancy enough to know more?

Why Bicycle School Bus?
It is named so because this new kind of vehicle looks like both bicycle and bus.
The Netherlands has a great reputation of cycling. Most of people in the country enjoy riding their bikes to go to school, work, gym, groceries, and also for recreation. By now, the Netherlands has 29000 km bicycle-paths throughout the country of which 6000 km of them are LF-routes (‘landelijke fietsroutes’ = long distance routes).

How Could this Bicycle School Bus Invented?
Since the Dutch is a creative nation, they never had asked themselves enough, they ask themselves others questions to come up with new ideas instead. And this idea came from a Dutchman named Thomas Tolkamp who is also the one designing this bicycle bus. He was inspired by the idea of the previous group bicycle beer called a ‘beerbike’. He asked himself why not to adapt the concept of bicycle into school. Then, this Dutchman has used a simple technology to redesign old school yellow bus in a revolutionary way.

What Does It Include?
This eco-friendly bicycle school bus includes eight sets of pedals which are more likely designed for students aged 4-12. Having predicted to replace the classic yellow bus, this bicycle school bus also includes a place for an adult driver to lead the vehicle and a bench located in the front side for three children to enjoy the ride. This bicycle school bus can travel up to 10 miles per hour, but don’t worry because a backup motor is also included, in case it is going to climb up the hills. Around 25 bicycle school buses have already been made in various colors, in addition to replace the traditionally yellow one. And also, a rain cover and music player will come up with this newly vehicle in the country.

Although the Netherlands is well-known for its finest technologies, the Dutch never forget their hobby to ride a bike. And apart from hobby, they enjoy themselves riding bikes in order to keep themselves and the country healthy because bicycle produces no emissions nor noise 🙂

Moral Value
Don’t you ever forget your old things when the new ones are coming because your old things, however, are the parts of your life history.

– ditulis oleh Ahmad R. Maliki


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  1. aisya27

    wow never knew such thing as bicycle bus existed before, this is such an intriguing subject

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