#695 Don’t Worry, Be Creative and Happy

“Happiness is in the doing, right? …Not in the getting what you want.”
– Jesse –
Before Sunset (Film, 2004)

An interesting fact about the Netherlands that I read in Eric Weiner’s Geography of Bliss was that it’s home to the World Database of Happiness. Yes, a research centre on happiness. Didn’t see that one coming, right? Now I’m more convinced that basically the Dutch does research on…

Moreover, another intriguing fact is that Dutch children came first place in the Youth Wellbeing rankings. Indeed, we can say that Dutch children are the happiest among industrialised countries. Pretty cool right? Which brings us to the next question. Why are Dutch children the happiest?

According to Rutt Veenhoven, Professor of Happiness Studies – well, that’s what his business card says – and a professor of social conditions for human happiness at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, ‘small affluent countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark are very democratic and very free. There is also a very good education system. People can use that freedom and education to make the right choices.’

Dutch parents have a very open and communicative relationship with their children. They can discuss about anything. In addition, since the Dutch are more open and tolerant about certain issues such as sex, drugs and alcohol, the dynamics of the problems isn’t as severe as in other countries. It is not interesting for the youth to provoke their parents with such issues.
There is also less pressure put on children at school. It is not about being the best, but doing the best to achieve results. In the classroom, teachers and students discuss ideas and subject materials as equals. Great results eventually come along with ‘the try and an umph’. The results? You can check out Dutch architecture, art, music, business and economy, healthcare and other sectors. They’re epic, I can guarantee you that.

Nevertheless, there is always two sides to everything.

It’s the balancing of the child and the parents’ happiness because at some point it can be too child oriented. Freedom taken too far can lead to indifference. No one wants spoilt little brats and future wimpy adults. Like the ancient Greeks said, everything in moderation. Studies by Veenhoven, the Dr.Feelgood himself, have also proven that the happiness of hardcore hedonists and hard drug users decreases over time compared to ‘modest consumers’. We can’t experience something good all the time which, also means that we are open to unhappiness in order to appreciate happiness itself. Like tasting the sweetness of success after hard grueling work.
On the whole, the success of the Dutch in all sectors is because they allow the freedom of expressing ideas. In the Netherlands even something strange to many can become a normality. Quirkiness has a home. When you are able to express yourself comfortably, you’re creative. No wonder the Dutch are successful and happy. Not either or.

Happiness is the doing.
Happiness is in the creative process.
Happiness intertwining with creativity does lead to greatness.

– ditulis oleh Diah Pratiwi


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3 responses to “#695 Don’t Worry, Be Creative and Happy

  1. A Passerby Reader

    Agreed. There’s more to creativeness when you’re happy.

    However, I don’t believe that happiness always means you’re more creative. I think the term ‘struggle with hapiness’ is more suitable. As long as you’re happy but there’s a challenge, it’s what makes people to be more creative.

  2. Saya setuju: saya merasa… kalo kita lagi senang, pikiran nyaman, peluang kita untuk lebih kreatif jadi membesar.

    • Yups, dengan nyaman menjadi diri sendiri, kita tentu bisa lebih nyaman berkreasi tanpa perlu khawatir utk dinilai sok pintarlah, sombonglah, dan seterusnya. Belanda selangkah lebih maju mendukung kreasi kaum muda nan esentrik. Semoga di kemudian hari Indonesia juga bisa.

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