#707 Helping the Earth, One Way or Another

The Dutch is always the one who tries to defy gravity, works with what they have and turns it into something great. They fight against water, limited land space, and other limitations and come out as one of the world’s greatest nation today.

And now, there is global warming.

But, never one to sit still, the Dutch is already a front-runner in the green movement to prevent further damage to the earth. All aspects of development and industries are racing to contribute new and unique ways to go green.

Green Agriculture

Since 1981, Dutch farmers have been encouraged to adopt farming techniques that were thought to benefit the environment. Farmers who have voluntarily adopted these measures are paid a subsidy. From using hydroponics system instead of real soil, using insects instead of pesticides to protect the crops, and implementing new policies regarding the livestock waste, they keep finding new ways to improve their agriculture industry while still protect the environment.


Green Living

Talking about the Dutch green movement will not be completed without mentioning their world-famous biking cultures. Cycling is a way of life for them. The government fully supports this by further developing the cities to be more bike-friendly and protect the cyclists’ safety by implementing road rules in favor of them. While 17 year olds all around the world are busy passing car-driving test, 10-year-old Dutch children are already busy taking theory and practice test for biking!

Green Architecture

One of the new creations in architecture is the new TNT Centre located in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam. It’s now the most sustainable building in the whole Europe. Energy is provided by a few solar panels and a biofuel energy system that produces more energy than it consumes, enough to supply three of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Green Technology

 Professor Mark van Loosdrecht of the Delft University of Technology has won the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize in the Singapore international Water Week 2012. He is successfully combining nature and engineering, introducing new way to process wastewater using a certain groups of bacteria that can removes pollutants. This technique, known as Anammox, reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the amount of chemicals required. In January 2012, there were already 30 full-scale Anammox plants implemented in Netherlands, Austria, China, Japan and USA.



Green Innovation

The Dutch launched the Green Collective Competition on October 2011 in order to find new ideas to help the earth. This competition has produced winners with brilliant and breakthrough ideas in architecture, design and fashion, and helps them implement those ideas in real life.


Talking about all creative ways the Dutch has came up to fight global warming will never end. And they’re not stopping anytime soon. If they keep up at this pace, it will be no wonder if the Dutch comes again as a leader and a winner in this ongoing worldwide battle against global warming.

– ditulis oleh Anesia Tania


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