#763 Netherlands: No Limits for Creativity – Think Out of the Box

Creativity is a case of mind over matter. The Dutch people pursue a way of thinking out of the box and live in a simple to the fullest life. Sky is their limit and it seems that Nederlander are born with creativity.

Ap Verheggen is a Dutch artist who comes up with the idea of using the solar energy and the water vapor in the air to create ice in a desert. I thought that idea is crazy, and honestly I doubt it could be done. But, it’s the Dutch characteristics, right? Think out of the box. They are able make the impossible to be possible. It is a great way to encourage people think creatively about the climate change today. Two thumbs up for Ap Verheggen..:)

Dutch people love flowers. Nederland is the largest exporter of cut flowers in the world. This orange country promotes simplicity in their creativity. As we know that most of the Dutch ride a bike to school or work. This simply shows a healthy habit, and of course they have a clean air. Good environment helps people think freshly and so that they can come up with brilliant ideas. Netherlands successfully explores their natural and human resources maximally.

Good education system is one of the basic sources of the Dutch creativity. They use an approach of PBL (Problem Based Learning). PBL is connecting the theory with the fact in reality in order to solve problems. It is a simple idea, but straight to the point. No one against the idea of simplicity in this world, and I can imagine how great ideas could be produced in the future.

Simplicity and creativity are two combinations that synergies together. They work perfectly side by side, like two-side of a coin. This is a proof of how creativity could walk together with a good quality of life. Dutch is pioneer in international business, because they can solve their problems out of the box, and come up with brilliant ideas. No wonder that the Netherlands have a great company such as Philips and Unilever, those that are well-known worldwide.

Talking about freedom of expression, then Netherlands is the right place. Different race, religion, culture, and background etc are not problems to be concerned in Netherlands, while other countries still fight for them. All the people are treated equally. The government gives a full freedom for the people to express themselves. Many countries find the issues of sex (gay and lesbian), drugs, and cocaine are difficult to handle. On the contrary, Netherlands finds its way to solve the problem delicately.

What are considered taboo in other countries is openly accessible to public in Netherlands. You just name all of the impossible things in your country, and you can find it here…Great! isn’t it? One thing for sure, they know how to enjoy life. I guess, the Dutch think that something fun is not always against the rule.

So, let’s start to think out of the box…

Nederland is een prachtig land, alles is goed…

– ditulis oleh Fatma Desi


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