#777 Netherland’s Spirit of Creativity, Anyone?

Nowadays, most of high school and college graduates are thinking to continue their study abroad. The question is, which country has the right balance between educational qualities while providing us with friendly studying environment? The answer is : Netherland/Dutch

Why Netherland? Because Netherland give us all of the above and more. Great educational facilities and friendly environment are one of the many things they provide. Why can they provide those? One of the main cause is the creativity, creativity is like oxygen in the Netherland. This is proven by their efforts and accomplishments in making a better country for all.

For example, the educational system in the Netherlands are flexible and open to new ideas. This is reflected by their plan to build the so called “Steve Jobs school” on August 2013, Where the students and teachers there will use iPads as a media to increase the student’s skills in operating electronic device and optimize daily learning. This is an unusual but yet effective way to introduce technology to young students and indicating Netherland’s seriousness in increasing educational qualities.

And did you know that teenagers in Netherlands are the happiest teenagers in Europe? According to a major international survey, it shows that Dutch teenagers drink less, smoke less and engage less often in unsafe sex than most of their peers in 39 countries. And after interviewing the teenagers, the survey company conclude that social factors plays an important role in how Dutch teenagers look at their lives. That means in general Dutch teenagers have a good relationship with their parents, family and friends. So if you become their friends, they will be good to you and in return you won’t have to worry about bullying or seniority because Dutch teenagers are friendly and easy to blend in with, resulting in a pleasant place for everyone to live and study there. All of those good behaviors are the result of Netherland’s creativity in making their country a comfortable place for everyone.

So, it is very evident that creativity plays a big role for the Netherland. With it they can explore and experiment ways to increase their educational qualities. And with it also they can make their own country to be a comfortable environment for both locals and foreigners. All thanks to their “simple” spirit in implementing creativity in everything they do.

In the end, maybe we can’t go to the Netherland to know how is it like to live in a country full of creativity. But you can experience it in your country by doing anything you usually do! But this time, add something, something that makes the usual becomes unusual, something that makes desktops becomes laptops, something that will make your life colorful, something that many people have but don’t use, something called creativity.

– ditulis oleh Teguh Ananto


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One response to “#777 Netherland’s Spirit of Creativity, Anyone?

  1. Mike K

    Bagus sekali!! This is a great article, it is written very well. It almost sounds like it was written by a native English speaker!

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