#784 Let’s Fly to the Future by A Flying Car

Stuck in traffic will force you to make an innovation

Picture 1: Traffic Jam in Jakarta

Who would have thought! Perhaps this quotation give a strong encouragement for Dutch to escape from this universal problem across the board by making an ordinary invention.

For decades, engineers and designers in Holland have been dreaming and working hardly to made suitable vehicle for all conditions. Nowadays, after long-lived in fools paradise they are finally release this fantasy being reality because of considerable effort.
Spark and Pal-V Europe NV is a company which operate in Holland as the producer of this new vehicle generation which combine a mini car with gyrocopter being one vehicle. PAL-V (short for Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is the name for this invention.

PAL-VPicture 2: PAL-V

As the combination of two existing vehicle, of course this sophisticated invention able to drives in two places; on ground and in the air. Both of these two places, PAL-V always has good sustainability and has some over-plus than the conventional one. PAL-V designed by a number of support systems such as the prerotator, the brakes, the trim and the righting cylinder rotor. It also completed by; the control system, rotor mast, and innovation of three wheels with a tilting system adapted from the system of motorbike.


Picture 3: Tilting system of motorbike and PAL-V

Basically, PAL-V is upgrading version from Carver, a ground-breaking vehicle, a cross between a motorbike and a car, was developed by Spark in collaboration with Carver Engineering.So, when the PAL-V drives on the ground it very ease and comfort to drive because of its complete features. While when the driver of PAL-V found some obstacles on the road, the vehicle able to simply converting into flying mode because of its single rotor and propeller that unfold from the top of the car and quickly take off from the nearest airfield and should take up roll in range 165 m (540 ft). Although taking off from the highway is not allowed at present. But theRijkosorverheid (national Dutch government) namely The ministry of Traffic believe that in the future there will be a network of small airstrips near recreational areas along the highway and now they start to testiflights and investigate the possibilites for take off on highway to make easily the PAL-V driver.
The Managing director and shareholder Robert Dingeemanse hoped this vehicle can be placed at market at the end of 2014. A quoted by him said ‘’We have now delivered the evidence that the technology works, and we have shown the vehicle can be built within the existing rules’’.
Perhaps, PAL-V in the future is the best solution of all land vehicle problem by it contribution for global nations.

Picture4: PAL-V Politie

Picture 5: PAL-V United Nation

Picture 6: PAL-V Air Force

Picture 7: PAL-V fly through the bad traffic

As the development country, Indonesia should do similar effort to solve the land traffic with this amphibious vehicle. Probably this vehicle is the answer of bad traffic that still happen in Indonesia.
So, by PAL-V let’s fly through the sky and go away from the obstacles!

– ditulis oleh M. Yusuf


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