#804 Dutch Develops Creativity to Their Wings

Talk about creativity, who does not recognize Dutch, otherwise people called it Netherland or Holland. This golden country has numbers of internationalized creativities that enlivening world economic. Although they colonized Indonesia at the longest time 350 years old, we need to know the creativities that make this country grow tremendously.

As we know that Dutch is a country of embankment. The famous embankment is Afsluitdjik that able to hold the floods and sea water entering to its nation. With length 32 kilometer and width 90 meter, this embankment is the most length construction which built on 1927 and 1933 to overwhelm the geographical condition of its land that less one meter under sea level.

The development of technology and information makes Dutch always improving their economic stability by establishing alternative construction to keep their land dried. This construction is well known as windmill. As we know, windmill existed on six century in Persia. Then, it develops time to time when revolution happened to European nations on seventeen century. And Dutch is of the country that adopts the utilities of windmill. They create numbers of windmill models based on its functions. Now existing windmills about 1000 pieces and not used only as water pump, irrigation, or as a tourism object but also help the economic of its citizens by participating in grinding the grain, making papers, cheeses, rough wooden etc.

Realize the big growth of industry sector in this country, makes Dutch to keep creative and innovative. Dutch exports many TV show such as deal or no deal, big brother, 1 versus 100 which had adopted in TV channels over the world. It crowns them as a TV exporter number two in the world.

They also clear away the world with fashion and design. You must be familiar with G-star, a popular brand fashion that its market “chops” the world retail and outlet. The American artists such as Justin Bieber, Kelly Rowland and many more, wear one of its designs.

Moreover, they also have a good passion in developing the “games”. A company that seriously in this business is Zylom Media group BV. Zylom is a well known producer and publisher games that its name has bounded over Europe. There is no doubt that Dutch as the centre of the “games”. They have 130 million visitors every month to visit their website Zylom.com.

I realize that Dutch creativity and innovation are supported by good and high quality program of system education where they prepare to educated children to grow creatively and competitively. Although, Dutch is a small country but they become one of the ten top countries with the best education system in the world. They start education with the early age up to university level. They inspire the world countries as become the best practice for education. A country becomes creative and innovative because the human resources grow creative and has quality. Indonesia needs to learn from them as the highest promoter of creating a perfect individual of creative and innovator.

– ditulis oleh Rini Sutarno


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